Chicken Secrets


The girls can often be found out on the yard, head to head, telling secrets.  Perhaps they were discussing where to find the best morsels and treats to peck, or more likely, Henrietta was whispering the latest gossip into Little Red’s ear?

Henrietta:  “Hey Lil’ Red have you heard that latest about Bertha over there?  Don’t look, keep pecking, or she’ll know we’re talking about her again!”

Lil’ Red:  “Do tell!  I haven’t had a good cackle in a while!”

Well, I never caught the whole conversation, but it sounded like something about “wrinkled eggs.”  Aww, poor Bertha.

By the way,  for those wondering about the old crocks in the background, well, they’re Goose toys.  Rain or shine, in or out of the pool, they are good goose and gander fun…  and best of all?   They’re indestructible and thus provide hours of *dibbling  fun and enjoyment!

*Dibbling = chewing


So how about that? Go on; say something!

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