Of Junk Shops and “*Chester Drawers”

I have a friend named Jayme who is talented enough to be able to see the promise in a piece of otherwise ‘junk’ furniture.  She rescues it, brings it home, and with seemingly little effort transforms it into something wonderful.  Having seen what she recently accomplished with an old chest of drawers she found (click here: Before and here: After for photos), I thought I might go hunting and see if I could find one to put in my craft room and thereby add some attractive storage space.

Well, I visited about four second hand shops, and had all but given up, when I spied just the thing in the back of the store.  Picking my way through the old sofas, chairs, and broken down tables I examined the outside of my find.  Determining that it would fit into the spot I had planned for it I then opened the top drawer intending to check to see how sound they all were.   After all, no sense dragging it home only to have it fall apart!  Right?

That’s when it hit me… the clear and unmistakable smell of RAID!  I closed the drawer and went home.

On to plan B.

*Chester Drawers:  Is what I used to call my chest of drawers when I was little, because that is what is sounded like my mom and dad were calling them.  Later, when I was old enough to get what my parents were saying, I realized that the particular piece of furniture was really called a chest of drawers. So why do I bring this up?  Because in 3 of the 4 thrift shops I visited yesterday they had them labelled as “Chester Drawers.” 😉

6 thoughts on “Of Junk Shops and “*Chester Drawers”

    • pixilated2 says:

      Hello Anke, I really don’t want to say which ones because I love the people who work there. Every one of the people I have met who work in these stores are sincere and hard working. I always get the feeling when I enter that I matter and that they really care about me as a person. That said, there is one store off the highway and sort of behind Krogers that needs to get a clue!!! I’m certain that you could find it easily, though I will tell you that I intend never to go back there. This store is always very dirty inside, and this week when I went to the furniture room it reeked of urine! I’m sorry, but if you bring in mattresses with the intention of selling them to the public they need to be CLEAN!

  1. Anke says:

    I’ve never been to that one Lynda, might never go there now… I like the dream box and the one on old railroad bed, very sweet ladies working there. I’ve seen a few others lately, but until I’m really looking for something, I try and stay away. At leas that way I don’t spend any money… 😉

    • pixilated2 says:

      I would say that is best. 😉 I haven’t been out your way yet. Perhaps someday when you need something we might go together? Hahahaa, I have worked out a system that is about 98% sure to keep me from spending needlessly! When I see something I think I’ve really got to have… then I carry it around with me while I continue to “shop” and when it’s time to go, then I put it back. Weird, but it is “mine” for about 30 minutes to an hour, and then I give it back, and I’m OK with that.

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