Photo Friday: and an answer to an old question…

Ever wondered “Where do the squirrels go when they race up that tree trunk?”

Well, we took a break and went to the suburbs of Nashville on Saturday to visit Cheekwood.  It has become our go to place to visit for gardens extraordinaire!  When in California we often visited The Arboretum and walked the grounds for hours enjoying the gardens and looking for ideas to try at home.  At that time Cheekwood was a place on our list of “Maybe someday we’ll go.”  We never imagined then, that a cross country move would bring us to within driving distance of the estate.

Cheekwood was, as was the LA Arboretum, an old family estate.  Here you can stroll the grounds, go inside the home to view art on display, and enjoy the wild things that live on the estate grounds.  On this day we actually took time to go inside and saw the Faberge Eggs and other jeweled items on display.  They’ve had them on loan for five years and will soon be leaving.   (Glad we decided to go in!)   Sorry, picture-taking within the home is strictly verboten, and enforced!  But, I found you a picture of one of my favorites.  (Yup, it’s a chicken)

This is the little gift that started it all for Faberge!

You can view this and many other fine examples of Faberge Eggs here at:  HaupLight

All this loveliness is tucked away down a winding narrow road in Belle Meade.   A very exclusive suburb of Nashville.   (YES, that Belle Meade!  If you are into fine race horses then click the link for more information!)

Here is a peak of what you might find in spring at Cheekwood…

Tulips at the entrance are back-lit by the afternoon sun.


The Cheekwood Manor


Dogwoods in white and pink are all about the grounds


An ancient Eastern Redbud, happy for spring, bursts into bloom from its trunk.


Almost any path will take you by water… whether it’s the lake sized pond or one of the several little streams on the property it promises tranquility for the viewer.

And on this day…

There was preparation for a wedding…

The weatherman had predicted clouds and drizzle.

Mother Nature said, “Nay!”  and gave the Newlyweds a gift…

A perfect sunny day!


Did you think I forgot the question about where squirrels go when they race up that tree trunk? No…

Here is your answer!

Fifteen feet off the ground this squirrel lives in the hollow hole of this tree, which is located in the fountain garden to the south side of the mansion.

Oh my! I just read on their official site that over three dozen trees were damaged in the storm that went through  on the April 5th.  (The one in my previous post)  I hope the little follow and his home were spared!

Read more about what Cheekwood has to offer on their official website ~ HERE:

4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: and an answer to an old question…

  1. missusk76 says:

    To think that all this was once for invited eyes only. How wonderful that it’s been opened for all to enjoy. I especially love the idea of creeks running throughout the property.

  2. photosbymartina says:

    These photographs are really interesting. I like the dogwoods in pink and white and the tulips really seeking the sun. Also, I’ve never seen the white gerber flowers before. I love finding new discoveries from fellow bloggers. The Redbud really makes a good contrast. Lovely.

    • pixilated2 says:

      Thank you Martina! I love Gerbera daisies but can’t grow them. However, the dogwoods make up for it! When we moved to Alabama we found that our little acre has have nine of them! They are so lovely aren’t they?

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