After the storm

We had a terrific storm pass through yesterday.  It threatened tornadoes, blew down trees and billboards, dropped penny and quarter sized hail in places, and all the while it thundered and threw lightning bolts that shook the house…

Meanwhile, Bob was driving home in all this mess, and right here on the Farmlet we mostly got the rain and lightning show.   Although, a huge wind blew in at the beginning of the storm.  I watched helplessly as it  pushed a robin off the roof and past my window like paper (the bird was OK) and downed several branches from the trees… but we’re OK too!

This morning, as always, the sun came up and things are pretty much back to normal.

Oh, and I almost forgot!

Dick, the little pony out back, thinks it’s a fine mornin’ too!

Have a Blessed day!

3 thoughts on “After the storm

  1. missusk76 says:

    The power of storms can leave us in awe and thankfulness that we and ours were, this time, spared. Would we appreciate a fine mornin’ as much if we didn’t live to remember a ‘terrific storm’? You evoke the winds’ power so well with the plight of the Robin, “pushed…like paper” and the fallen branches. Dick looks like he thinks that just the visit from you has given him a fine mornin’. It’s a pretty fine shot too.

  2. pixilated2 says:

    Thank you Cindy! You know I always think of Mr. Zoller’s comment about animal pictures when he said “If the eyes are in focus it makes the photo” or something to that effect. Anyway, in this one the nose is in focus. Be that as it may, I love that little pony. He is adorable and has the sweetest face, in focus or not. 😀 I took several shots that morning, but the sun was flaring in the lens. Is there a way to reduce that? (Is there another name for that effect? Sun spots maybe?)

    Storms, the worst of them, leave me drained. I lived with earthquakes in California and did just fine, but the storms here can be terrifying for me. I find it strange that we can become accustomed, if you will, to terrifying events by virtue of growing up with them. My neighbors laugh at my fear of storms, and yet in the same breath will make comment about how I could live with earthquakes. So I guess I need to ether get over my fear or build an underground concrete bunker out back! 😉

  3. missusk76 says:

    The only ways I know of to manage lens flare are to either not shoot into the sun 🙂 or to use a lens hood of which there are varying sizes and with which you still need to shoot at an angle that blocks the sun out. Lens flare is the only term I know and they’re not always bad. I rather like the brilliant glow here and the way its reflecting off his forelock.

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