People who live in areas with red clay soil,  and own kitties who “knock” at the door,  should NOT have white  doors on their house.

While white doors may look lovely, the fact is evident,  that they are magnets for ugly paw prints.   No matter how often you clean them, well, eventually the grime just stains and won’t come off!

Unpainted back door!  GAAACK!

After three years of battling the never ending grunge I finally decided on a different plan.


Newly painted front door

I think the color works both aesthetically and functionally.    I will still have to wipe it down, but at least it won’t show the stains anymore!

So, I guess I’ll be painting the back door next!

8 thoughts on “Camouflage

  1. Anke says:

    I love how the door turned out! Our backdoor is looking pretty grimy thanks to the clay soil and dogs scratching to be let in, so this might be a great fix for it.

    • pixilated2 says:

      Cindy, I’m glad that you like it! And yes it was truly a functional outcome that I desired. It was just such a bonus that it also worked with the existing color of the house.

  2. Ginger says:

    Your home is beautiful and I would just like to tell you what a wonderful writer you are. You have such a knack for story telling and I very much enjoy your writing. You are very talented and interesting! I will be subscribing to your blog and i look forward to getting to know more about you.

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