Photo Friday: a keen sense of smell?

In Latin I am called Cathartes aura, and my closest cousins are storks and ibises.  Surprisingly,  while most birds don’t have a sense of smell, I do, and a very keen one at that!  I have no voice box, and yet I can hiss or grunt.  My wingspan is a whopping 6 feet!  Impressive don’t you think?

And for all my wonderful features I am not well liked.  In fact, I am often reviled and feared.  Too bad really, because I am actually shy and non-aggressive.  If you want to know the truth you need me in ways you have probably never even thought about.

Who am I?

I am a Turkey Vulture, and this Friday past when the Lady of the Farmlet spied me atop the neighbors big tree she stopped everything she was doing and took pictures of me.  I am so flattered!  Though I must say she didn’t get my best side, and her photos are all grainy and out of focus to boot!  Well, let’s just imagine it was because she was in awe of my tremendous size and impressive stature.

You imagine I am posing for the camera don’t you?  Well, OK a little, but I really do this to warm up and/or dry off when wetDoes my size impress you? NO?

Impressed now?  You should be, this tree is about 60 feet tall,  give or take, and I look tremendous in it!

Well, gotta go!  The Lady is getting too close for my comfort now…

So you may not like my looks, but you must admit,  I’m graceful in flight!

Want to find out more about fabulous me?  Then go here to read more.  I really am a fascinating creature you know!

PS:  And once and for all can we clear up the matter of my being a buzzard?  I am not a buzzard!   They are a completely different class of  bird.  They are birds of prey and eat their meals alive!  What a revolting habit!  No, I am not a buzzard by any stretch of the imagination.

NOTE:  The link above is not the original source of my information for this post.  The original was closed down (IDKW).  This site is a store, but seems to have much the same information as the previous link.

7 thoughts on “Photo Friday: a keen sense of smell?

    • pixilated2 says:

      Thanks Rich! We have them all over around here, but I didn’t know they were vultures, and therefore assumed that they were big hawks ready to eat my chickens!!! Now when I see them I won’t worry!

    • pixilated2 says:

      Sometimes I just get so bored telling the story myself. So you know I was just too glad that Mr. T.V. cooperated with me, and that he was willing to tell it in his own words! It was such a special moment! 😉

  1. Lindy says:

    This is great, Lynda. So glad you were able to post the link on FB. I could not get any link to post?????????? I began my fascination with these amazing birds while living in AZ. I was sad when I thought I might never see one again as I had never before seen these guys in MI. Something has changed and there are quite a few of them here and I am thrilled to be able to watch them.

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