Wednesday’s Words: sexist games

Old add

When I was growing up my mother hated getting “tools” as gifts.  No matter how badly she needed it she could go on for decades about getting a mixer or a vacuum cleaner for a birthday or Christmas present, and thereby make my dad miserable for having thought of it.

So it is strange to me that the ads of the day made out like it was everything your little heart could desire, and worthy of begging and a little pouting to get the proffered appliances, such as in the above ad.  Later these sort of ads would be considered sexist and disappear altogether.

Which is why it is ironic that I should grow up to want these items for gifts…

As I have gotten older I have come to appreciate my ability to fix what breaks around the house.  I also appreciate a well made appliance that lasts, like my Oster Kitchen Center we purchased almost 30 years ago.  It came with everything:  A counter top base, blender, food processor, meat grinding attachment and of course, a mixing head.

Somewhere around the 10th year the little *rheostat went out, and Oster had quit making the appliance in favor of a different machine to accomplish each of those jobs.  (Like I wanted to fill my cupboards with six separate appliances or horrors, leave them out on my counter!)   So I bravely opened the base and pulled out the part to replace it with a new one.  Later it would be a gear inside the mixing head, which apparently was its weakest link, and which of course they no longer made!  I went to Ebay to find what I wanted and lo and behold…

They had a complete kitchen center up for auction still in the box and unused.  That was two years ago and I won it!  “Great, now I will have spare parts!” I thought.

Unfortunately, even though the item was unused in the box, there was one part that time and the elements would eventually get to.  It is (essentially) a red rubber band with gear notches in it that turns to indicate your settings.  These are also not made anymore, and because they were all produced so long ago none of them will be usable.  They get sticky with age and won’t allow the knob to turn.

Recently, I went searching for a replacement and haven’t found anything that compares in function or durability.  Apparently, even the much esteemed Kitchenaid is  no longer the wonder machine it was in the past,  or so say the complaint makers on Amazon.

Complaints about the machine are:

  1. “It leaks oil from inside down into the contents of what you are mixing in the bowl.” and…
  2. “Kitchenaid is now made by Sears and no longer offers a 10 year warranty.”   (please see the special comments at the end)

I have gone out and tried to find one with the 10 year warranty and couldn’t.  Strangely, I could find machines costing $199.99 with a one year warranty,  and much pricier machines for $350.00 to $450.00 and still only carrying the one year warranty.

Who wants to spend $ 300.00 – 450.00 for a machine that only carries a one year warranty?

A kitchen ICON has died.

Today I am going to take the scissors and cut the little red band off.  I will no longer be able to see the speed at which I am running my kitchen center, but at least it will run and will not leak oil into my food!

Oh, and by the way, if there were a quality appliance that was made here in the US, and worth the money the manufacturer asked for…

You can be assured that I would be “crying a little” and pouting if necessary, to get it.


This just in:

OK,  I did my homework and the new KitchenadeArtisan KSM150PS is an all metal construction, and has metal gears!  It still only carries a one year warranty, but I just found eReplacement Parts that sells Kitchenaide parts, and shows videos on HOW to replace those parts including the fix for the oil leak.  Interestingly, the oil leak happens because the food-grade, gear grease separates, and the gear grease separates when you don’t use your machine enough to keep it well mixed.  And I wonder, why would you spend this much money on a mixer if you don’t use it very often?

So, if cutting the little red band off my Oster Kitchen Center doesn’t work, then I think I will go for it and get the above mentioned Kitchenade.    🙂


PS:  The operation didn’t work, but this does!


And I didn’t even have to whine.  😉


*rheostat: a resistor for regulating a current by means of variable resistances.  In other words it controls the speed. 

~*~*~*~  A special “Thank you” to Julia, of Julia’s Place,  for the vintage ad which inspired today’s post. ~*~*~*~

41 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Words: sexist games

  1. Animalcouriers says:

    I went looking for an old-fashioned, manual meat grinder at the weekend and nope, couldn’t be found. Lots of standalone machines but they don’t look like they’d last a week. Of course we could by a Kenwood that does everything… you’re making me jealous!

    • Lynda says:

      Then you probably won’t appreciate that I have two hand crank meat grinders that were Bob’s grandmother’s. I will be trying them out this weekend to see if either one will still works. One looks like this:

      I’m pretty sure you can still order new and similar ones online. And I know the Amish community still uses hand crank items. Get this! There is even a Kitchenaide that works off of people power… and for all the missing electronics you still have to pay the high price. (!!!)

    • shoreacres says:

      Gosh, you’re the person I needed to find in October! I was visiting my aunt in Kansas and found three of the manual meat grinders in an antique store in Grain Valley. They each had all of the accessories and price tags of $12 each. Cast alumuinum. I sat in that store and called friends all over the place trying to find someone who needed one! I have two, including my mother’s, that I use all the time. I still nearly bought another one, but decided against it. And my aunt had two as well.

      I use it for everything – ham salad, cranberry-orange relish, sausage making, grinding my own hamburger, etc. etc.

  2. petspeopleandlife says:

    Very enjoyable. all my new appliances (generally) have something wrong with them when I begain using them moslty washking machines. Don;t understand it. So I buy lots of extra warranty -that has been a good thing.

    • Lynda says:

      My last washing machine purchase was about five years ago. It broke within the mfrs. warranty period. I got lucky because it was a MAJOR part! Now I have a tool box and just buy parts and tools. My motto is: If it was broke when you opened it up and you can’t fix it, then it will still be broken when you call the repairman, but at least you tried. 😉

      Yvonne, to be honest, doing things like this used to actually give me a headache, but I’m gaining confidence as I go and the headaches are getting better. 🙂

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Ooo, you got the tangerine, how lovely, bright and sunny! Have you used her yet?
    I am a tool-aholic and LOVE having whatever I need to make things work (and there’s nothing that ticks me off more than poorly designed, “disposable” crap!) we were taught that, if you maintained your possessions properly, they should last a lifetime or at least be repairable… Nowadays, there’s just so much garbage and most people either don’t have the skill to fix or the will to bother; but me, I’d rather be a Maker than a taker!

    • Lynda says:

      Deb, I didn’t want to use the flash so the Xenon under counter lighting is making it look Tangerine. LOL! It is actually Fire Engine Red! 😉 And yes, I have used it three times already. As advertised, it makes short work of the mixing tasks I have to perform.

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        LOL! That’s what I get for just reading the email on my phone, I guess (still a great colour either way; ) I wonder if that’s the same as what they call Empire Red up here? Absolutely gorgeous!
        Oh, and thanks for those parts links too btw!: )

        • Lynda says:

          Could be, Deb, and you are very welcome. I hope you find them useful the next time something breaks… and unfortunately, we know it will. 😉

  4. shoreacres says:

    I laughed at this, too…”Why would you spend this much money on a mixer if you don’t use it very often?”

    1. You didn’t. It was a gift.
    2. New Year’s resolution to become Hannah Homemaker
    3. Other assorted good intentions.


  5. pattisj says:

    I had one of those kitchen centers, used it for years. I guess I got my Kitchenaid mixer at the right time. It’s still going strong, and I’ve never had the oil issue. I got the meat grinder and the slicer/shredder attachments for it. I liked the red, but opted for black since my counter is red.

  6. Janet, The Queen of Seaford says:

    Your vintage ad is pretty wild. My son in law is doing his doctorate work in Sociology/ gender studies, will be sending him the link.
    My mom always said she never wanted any presents that had a handle. That was her way of not getting some appliance as a gift.
    Love your new one!!

  7. littlesundog says:

    Personally, I love getting gadgets and tools for gifts… as long as I was the one that mentioned it. I research EVERYTHING and I know EXACTLY what I want. I have the Professional Kitchenaid 6 mixer (6 qt. bowl) and love it. I’ve had it for 12 years without a problem. It was FD’s first gift to me the Christmas we were engaged! What a man!

  8. Lovefoodies says:

    Hi Lynda, I just came across your blog and love it! I wondered if I could use the photo (the vintage advert) you have on this post for my new website I’m creating? My website is if you’d like to check it out (still being constructed!).
    Thanks Lynda,

  9. Lovefoodies says:

    Thanks very much Lynda! I’ve just messaged Julia too as I noticed after, that the pic came from her site! It’s like wild fire!!!!!
    I’ve just placed it on my site,
    Maybe I’ll move it around a bit more. My site is nowhere near ready yet, but I started a bit here..
    Feel free to looky looky. I’d welcome any advice too…or be the first to join my forum!!!
    Many thanks Lynda for your generosity,

  10. victoriaaphotography says:

    What a wonderful post – very well written too.
    I’ve bought a couple of ‘gadgets’ with money given to me for Christmas. I have yet to test them out (one was bought today & I haven’t opened the box yet). I need a mask before trying out my little electric sander which I bought last week.

    • Lynda says:

      Thank you for the writing feedback, Victoria, I’m trying to build up my writing skills. 🙂 Good for you on realizing the need for a mask when using your sander! I see so many people working really dirty jobs who should wear a mask but don’t. I wonder about the quality of their lives in ten or twenty years from now.

    • Lynda says:

      Although all the fashion colors are kind of gimmicky, I did enjoy choosing my color. 😉 Chantal, I just read a bit about the Kenwood recently, and it seems it’s been around for many years. Seems to be a good machine, but not readily available here.

    • Lynda says:

      So sorry, Steve. Honestly, I have bought a few “new” toasters over the past few years and none of them toast bread worth a d _ _ n. You could do better by putting your bread on a stick and hold it over a flame! 😉

  11. Playamart - Zeebra Designs says:

    ha! one year i returned to costa rica to find that somone had stolen my modest collection of tools. i knew that my friend’s granddaughter would ask me on christmas day what santa brought me, so before i went to their house for dinner, i went to the store and bought a hammer!

    sure enough precious zoe greeted me and showed me what santa had brought, and then she asked what santa brought me.
    ”a hammer!’ i beamed…
    her face straightened and she said, ‘oh.’

    she was so baffled!

    • Lynda says:

      Lisa, aren’t children precious? And so gullible too! It seems to me, that Santa brings you fun stuff if you are a kid, and stuff you need if you are grown up. I guess being grown up helps you to appreciate the things you need when they are a gift? 😉

      (Hm… I wonder if it was the same guy that stole the computer I brought to my friend for her school? Interestingly, the local police knew exactly who he was and got them back right away!)

      • Playamart - Zeebra Designs says:

        wow; i wish the police there were more efficient; everyone looks the other way and shrugs – which is the main reason i moved on. i decided that life sometimes has to give you a big kick to keep you moving forward!!!

        yes, it’s nice when someone gifts you a ‘need’ and not a ‘want.’

  12. P.E.A.C.E. says:

    Wow, times have changed haven’t they? I too recall my mom hating getting ‘tools’ but last year hubby gave me a mix-master and I squeezed him in the biggest hug! I find it so helpful for baking that now I can’t imagine living without it 😉 Cheers, Gina

    • Lynda says:

      Welcome to the Farmlet, Gina!

      Yes, I know what you mean. I am hopeless at baking if it means beating it with a wooden spoon! Light batters mixed with a wire whisk are doable, and preferable to washing the whole mixer and its parts, but anything heavier and I must have the big bruiser. There are definite advantages to living in this century and not the 19th! 😉

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