2 thoughts on “One-Apple

  1. lestersflat says:

    We had a ton (we could have actually had a ton) of apples last year, but this year we have very few. Not as bad as just one, but maybe just enough for a few jars of apple butter. I am still perfecting my recipe…certainly enough to practice!

    • Lynda says:

      OK, I’m dying to know how you found this! Until you commented on it I hadn’t realized it never came up in the slide show, yet when I followed your link to ‘One Apple’ it shows up right along with all the photos in the post, LOL! I have added it so it now properly appears in the post.

      Winter came on hard and hung around longer that it should. We had several surprise frosts in spring and I am certain that is what caused the dearth in our apple supply. I miss making apple butter. I cook it all day in the crockpot and it makes the house smell so nice! My one apple isn’t going to go far, so I suppose if I get to make it this year I will have to go to the apple farm! 🙂

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