Observations on getting sick.

Today’s post comes with a pre-warning:

If you are even in the least bit squeamish about being sick, then please just skip today’s drivel and whatever you do – do not watch the clip at the end of the post! 


Yesterday, having been sick with a 24 hour stomach bug that at age 62 leaves you low for four days instead of one, I felt good enough to crawl out of bed, take a shower, and think about living again.  I had slept for nearly a solid 48 hours. Up for necessities, meds, water, and then back to sleep.  I was weak, achy, and moving slowly, but I did a bit of pushing the Swiffer to catch the *buffaloes that wafted by as I passed.  I sat down and ate a very light breakfast.

BTW, I haven’t mentioned that I got this nasty bacteria from Bob.  He got sick at work and they thought it was his hydration/low blood pressure problem again.  So they bundled him into an ambulance and back off to the hospital.  (Yes, another ambulance ride that will not be covered under our insurance.)  Once there, they again checked him for everything and found not much at all.  Suddenly, Bob announced that he had to “…get up NOW!”  Whereupon, he got very sick. In the aftermath of his episode the nurse and the Dr. looked pretty amazed by the mess. 

It was at this point that I recalled the scene in Stand by Me about the pie eating contest, and  I’ll tell you it was just like that! The bug that’s going around stops your digestive system in it’s tracks.  So, everything from the morning (including all the bottles of water he’d been drinking to stay hydrated all day) were stuck there and wanted out NOW.  It was nearly 4:00 pm. 

And he wondered why his stomach hurt so bad?  Poor baby!

Anyway, back to yesterday.  I then I got up and started a load of contaminated bedding, and cleaned the kitchen with a healthy dose of bleach in the water.  Being meticulous about giving every surface we may have touched the once over with hot, soapy, bleach water was gratifying.  From there I conquered all the switch plates and door handles throughout the house.  Time for another rest.  Then it was on to the bathroom, and more contaminated laundry with good hour rests between each task.  I felt I was vanquishing those little bastard bacteria who had invaded our bodies and made us so horribly ill!

By the end of the day our house smelled hospital clean,  and I was tired, but it was a good tired.  The activity of detoxing the house had bounced me back from my morning-after-illness-malaise and I just felt good!

DIE you mangy bugs, die!


I suppose it goes without saying, that hand washing is especially important when this bug, or any bug, comes to town!



Stay healthy out there!


*aka: dust bunnies to you that don’t own a big wooly dog named Buddy.


OK, and now for the point of reference for those who don’t know the story, and remember, you were warned. 😉

The Pie Eating Contest

It is sophomoric humor, I know, but I still think it funny… well, OK, maybe not so funny while we were going through it.

26 thoughts on “Observations on getting sick.

  1. shoreacres says:

    As I like to say, there’s nothing like feeling good after feeling bad. I’m glad you’re up and taking nourishment, as Grandma used to say. Here’s to continued health!

    • Lynda says:

      Thank you, Linda! I’m so glad that our being ill was staggered! I honestly don’t know how we would have survived this if we had come down with it simultaneously. So I guess were covered for the generic ills this year. We’ve had the flu and the stomach bacteria, and a cold and allergies too! I’d say were good to go! (I know, I know, but just humor me. 😉 )

  2. Littlesundog says:

    Jeepers Lynda… sounds like you’ve managed to tough it out wearing all of the hats of home heath care… and then succumb to self health care in the end! Poor girl! I’m glad you have it all sanitized now and you are feeling better. 🙂

    • Lynda says:

      Thanks Lori, I really am. I wouldn’t have ever imagined that getting up and setting right to work would make me feel so much better! I think some of it must by psychological, don’t you agree?

      PS: I should have a long overdue surprise in the mail for you next week. Only one, but the other one is so needy… If this is a problem just let me know in an email. 😀

  3. quilt32 says:

    I’m so sorry that you and your husband have been so sick. I don’t know how you had the energy to do all that cleaning.

    • Lynda says:

      Lillian, I had rested and slept for hours and hours. It seemed like working and taking breaks all day just kept me going. The more I got done, the better I felt and the better I felt the more I got done! Honestly, the moving a bit off and on all through the day got most of the aches worked out of my bones and muscles. That was a big part of feeling better! 🙂

  4. katechiconi says:

    Ah, you bring back the memories. Chemo nausea, projectile vomiting, and the need to clean and decontaminate because everything your body produces in the week after the Dose is toxic to other people. It’s a cruel joke, isn’t it? I hope you’re well on the mend now, both of you.

      • katechiconi says:

        Breast cancer 3 years ago. I was on my own then, no family around and no husband on the scene yet, so it was a tough time. But they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and while that’s not necessarily true physically, it’s made me tougher mentally.

        • Lynda says:

          You are a survivor! My mother-in-law was too. They gave her six months to a year and she took 35!! She, like you, wasn’t ready yet. She passed at 82.
          ❤ ❤ ❤ !

  5. Jane says:

    I’m sorry you were so sick. There was a similar bug going around here recently. I was about to going hiking somewhere isolated and it hit me before I got into the car. I was so glad it didn’t happen up the mountain! I’m very glad you recovered and have zapped those nasty bugs away! I was curious and had a look at the video…oh dear, I expected it to be bad, but not that bad!

    • Lynda says:

      Jane, the movie was actually quite good. The scene you are seeing is a story told around the campfire to impress his friends. Young boy humor and all that. You are brave!

      Oh, I can’t even imagine being on a mountain with this one. Horrible. I did once go camping/hiking with the Girl Scouts and came down with pneumonia. I was so weak my parents had to drive all the way out to retrieve me! 😛

    • Lynda says:

      Mostly. However, it really has ruined my stomach. I’m no longer sick to my stomach; it just hurts. Thinking it is time to go see the Doctor and get some antibiotics. She gave them to Bob and he’s all better. I didn’t go and I am not better. 😛

      Thanks for kind words, they are much appreciated, Steve.

  6. Playamart - Zeebra Designs says:

    it’s not fun beingn down, and a bug like that hit me once in guatemala.. oh wow.. tryiing to get purged enough to make it to a pharmacy and back was quite a challenge..

    i hope that you stay well for a very long time.. no more sick bugs allowed in su casa!!!!

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