Noodle Needs

Waiting for someone?


Our little friend Noodle has very long and slender legs.  He is very close to the drafty floorboards too.  So when the weather drops below freezing you will usually find him in a lap or laying on a heat register.

Poor little Noodle dog.


22 thoughts on “Noodle Needs

  1. Littlesundog says:

    What a sweetie Noodle is. He’s following instinct! I’m glad to see you call the heat vent a “register”. I can’t tell you the number of young people we’ve had here that laugh at the term that I have used all of my life. I’m beginning to think it’s a term similar to my folk’s using “ice box” for the refrigerator when I was growing up. I guess I’m showing my age!

    • Lynda says:

      You know, Lori, I had never thought about it because that is the only word I knew for them. I did some digging…

      It would seem that all the openings are vents, but the thing that makes them different is the covering for the opening!

      REGISTERS: These are slatted and have louvers to direct and/or dampen the air flow. They can be located on the floor, in a wall, or in the ceiling.

      GRILLS: These are the vent covers through which air is pulled out of a room for circulation back to the central heating or cooling unit. They are just open for air flow and have no louvers or adjusting mechanisms.

      Lay that information on the next kid that laughs at you!

      I am also old enough to remember when the wrapping paper for food was called waxed paper. However, because most people drop the -ed when they say it the ad-men just dropped it too. So ask yourself, Can there really be such a thing as Wax Paper? Categorically, I would have to say NO.

      Well now, that was a tangent out of left field. LOL!

        • LB says:

          Love the photo, and the comments between the two of you. Heat register, Waxed Paper, Ice Box … isn’t it great that a word, like a photo, a song, or a smell, can take us back?

          • Lynda says:

            Yes, Laurie! There are so many lovely words and so little time to get to know them all. I took a class on the history of English and it was amazing how our language has morphed and changed. It is a living thing and changing all the time. Each of us in our lifetime will see the changes and some will disappoint us as their original usage and meaning is lost and forgotten. Some of my favorites that have been lost or changed are:
            Clumb: My grandfather Strong used it when he spoke of climbing a tree as a youth.
            Master/Missy: Grandfather Strong again! He used to address his letters to us using Master for the boys and Missy for me.
            And under changed meanings to lament…
            Gay: Which used to mean happy and carefree. Such a lovely and useful way to describe feeling good. Now it is just a disparaging remark or title.
            Queer: Same for this one; changed to a disparaging remark. It’s original meaning was as a descriptor for strange or odd, as in, “The old house was built queerly and leaned a bit to the left, but it had held up over the years.”

            I freely admit to using the titles Master and Missy when writing letters and cards sent home to my little students. It was always fun for me to explain to the class, and not a few of the parents, what was meant by the titles and my nostalgia in using them. 🙂

            Are there words you miss that are no longer in use or have changed in meaning?

          • LB says:

            You’ve mentioned some good ones, and while I’m blanking right now, I know the next time one of those neglected and missing words comes to mind, I’ll think of you and share it!

      • Lynda says:

        Any consonant that can be doubled in one word and not in another is a troublemaker. As are words with repeating sounds like banana. Then you have words that are in a class all to themselves, such as Tennessee. Spelling has rules and half our written language contains words that are delinquent, nonconformist troublemakers! 😀

    • Lynda says:

      I agree, Annie! Though he does get on my nerves when he pushes the little cover off the register in my work room. The one that directs the airflow into the center of the room instead of the ceiling! LOL!

    • Lynda says:

      Kate, I was going to make them from fleece to match his coat, but it turned warmer for quite awhile… then I took my sewing machine into the Mr. Destructo and now it is freezing and I haven’t got my machine. Lesson to be learned here? Never procrastinate. Unfortunately for the Noodle I don’t know how to knit or crochet. 😦

  2. shoreacres says:

    I use a fleece blanket for Dixie to lay on. She gets cold, too, despite her fur, and I read somewhere that fleece blankets both trap and radiate heat. So, I folded one up under the towl on the sofa, and that’s where she is now, mostly day and night. Of course, Noodles is younger, and probably not given to sleeping as much as Dixie does.

    I call them “registers,” too. My grandparents had a fancy metal one between their living and dining rooms, in the floor. It could get so hot you’d have to put a quilt over part of it if you wanted to sit there and read.

    • Lynda says:

      Linda, you have reminded me of one that was between the dining and living rooms in our house on Lemon Street in Ontario, CA. I lost a couple of good sweaters to that hot register! Mom would hang them above on the archway to dry and then the heat rising would cause them to fall down. I remember it left a lovely leafy looking pattern scorched into them. 😉 I suppose we were lucky not to have had the house burn down in the night?

      Fleece is my favorite for keeping warm. I use it to make my Crazy Chicken Lady hats. I also used it for Noodle’s coat. Maybe I should use some of the leftovers from sewing hats to make mats for his little beds? It would have to much more comfortable than those metal registers. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anita says:

    I bought my furkid a heating pad. I set it to the lowest setting and cover it with a blanket. He stays warm with his very own electric blanket…. er heat pad. He’s a purse dog who thinks he is a Rottweiler.

    • Lynda says:

      Anita, what a sweet idea! Unfortunately, Noodle is about 17 lbs and I haven’t seen a heating pad that is big enough for him. That said, his new favorite spot to sleep is under the counter by my computer. I found him there the other day and he was laying up against the computer’s case on a rug I put there to keep my feet off the cold floor. I have since used Linda’s (Shoreacres) idea with the fleece and lined his little bed with it. He saw what I was doing and didn’t even want to give me the time to put it into his new spot before he jumped into it. LOL! Now when I want to find him I know the first place to look!

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