I recounted this story two years ago, and because it is one of my favorites I am sharing it with you again. Besides, some of my newest friends haven’t seen it yet.
(Is is cheating to reblog yourself?) 😉

Once Upon a Time in the West: the trick pie

My husband made me a lemon meringue pie once.

With meringue a mile high it was the most beautiful looking pie I had ever seen!  I was so excited that he had baked it for me, because it is my favorite pie in the world.

Later that night after dinner, we served it up… took a bite, and for an instant we were in heaven…mmmmmm…

Then suddenly, and with a simultaneous “GaaaACK,” we spit it out.  (You see, the pie tasted perfect at first, but then a vile and bitter taste burst into our mouth.)  Both of us where prune faced, and he said,  “I don’t know what I did wrong!”  We looked over the recipe and talked through the steps together trying to discover his mistake.  The instructions said to add the zest of one whole lemon.  He had added the whole lemon peel!

Now you need a bit of back story here…

I loved my mother but she had a few bad habits.  One of which was to help herself to anything good in the refrigerator.  She would walk in and just go straight to the refrigerator and help herself!  No “may I?”  or “Is this for later?”  or “Are you saving this for someone?”  She just got it out and ate it!

So, after laughing heartily we decided to keep the pie, and placed it back into the refrigerator for mother’s visit the next day. 

Do you think me evil?  😉

As predicted, Mom came the next day, walked in and put her purse down, chatted a bit, and then hit the refrigerator.  From the living room we could hear her little squeak of delight at seeing that perfect looking pie in the fridge.  The silverware tinkled, a desert plate clinked onto the counter, and all the while we were dying of stuffing back our guffaws in the living room.

Mom came back, pie in one hand, fork in the other, sporting a look of delicious anticipation,  and sat gingerly onto the couch.

She took the first bite…

We soberly watched as a smile of perfect delight radiated across her face, which was suddenly replaced by one I can only describe as abject disgust.  She swallowed, shuddered, and then meekly asked,  “What’s wrong with this pie?”

By this time we were laughing so hard we had tears rolling down our cheeks.  Quickly recovering we told her the whole story, with only a little fib at the end about not wanting to throw it away because it was so pretty.  This got her to laughing too, and from then on the incident was spoken of more than once in the family, and was referred to as, “Bob’s Trick Pie.”   Not surprisingly, for a long while afterward, she would always ask before eating pie at our house…

“Is this real pie or one of Bob’s trick pies?”

And we would laugh all over again.

Lemon Meringue Pie 1

Lemon Meringue Pie 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Well, much to my surprise, I have just today been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  The lovely award was sent by a new blogging friend Terry1954 who can be found here:  http://terry1954.wordpress.com/

Thank you Terry!

As with all awards they come with rules of course…

and the rules are,

  • Give credit to the one who nominated you
  • Tell seven secrets about yourself
  • Nominate seven others

Seven secrets?  Hm, I don’t think I have any more since I started blogging here on WordPress! 😉  But, here goes…

  1. If I could, I would live on five acres and get a pair of Alpacas because I love their little humming noises
  2. I am allergic to carrots and I love them, but not the stomach ache I get when I eat them.
  3. My eyes are Hazel Green. <— (click here to guess the secret.) 😉
  4. I am a perfectionist and have to do it perfect or I can’t  won’t do it at all.
  5. I am going to be completely tearing out my vegetable garden and revamping it between now and next spring… it is going to be redone in raised beds with a goose proof fence all around.
  6. If I had enough money and time I have several friends around the world that I would love to travel and visit with!
  7. I am hopelessly old-fashioned in my ways.

My Nominees, should they choose to accept, are:

  1. Lori at Day by Day the Farmgirl Way  because we have so much in common.
  2. Julie at Wings and Things because we both love geese, and because I know she won’t accept this award (and I secretly covet one of her “Hot Potato” awards that she hands out to people who give her awards.  😉  )
  3. Linda at The Task at Hand  because she is a masterful writer and always surprises me with her stories she weaves.
  4. Jayme at Tales From the Coop Keeper who I know won’t accept it, but I’m sending it anyway.  A funny chicken keeper and gardener who recently lost 100 pounds!  Yup, she get’s it.
  5. The Kitchen Gardener over on the Farmy who has more energy and verve for life than anyone else I know.  She accomplishes so many things in her day.
  6. Cindy of On and Over the Hills who is a school librarian five days a week, and finds the time to capture captivating photographs and writes so beautifully about her subjects.
  7. And finally, April at Gluten Free Zen because she makes Gluten Free easy and delicious!  Those who can do what she does are few and far between!

That was harder than it looked, because it was so hard to choose!  I hope you will go and have a visit with each of the nominees.  They are only a few among the many unique, talented, and lovely women I know.

Again, thank you Terry!

It’s All About YOU: odd food combinations challenge

Image is “Ice Cream Ramen” courtesy of… 

Al Dente:  weird food cravings

Today in a comment conversation with my friend Claire about Tomato sandwiches we compared a few notes on, shall we say, unusual food pairings.   Suddenly I realized that many of us have grown up eating interesting and unusual foods, and food combinations.  Some of which might have made a friend or work partner wrinkle their nose now and again.  What is yours?

My father’s favorite was a breakfast stack containing pancakes, bacon, eggs sunny-side-up, and all dripping with maple syrup. Which reminds me of Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird when she protests loudly on seeing her little supper guest pour syrup over his whole meal.

Although it wasn’t her favorite… my grandmother was heard to say that as a younger woman she actually sampled fried grasshoppers once.  She claimed that, “They weren’t that bad.”

So here are a couple of mine…

One recent:  Toasted bread with apple butter and sharp cheddar cheese.

And, one from high school  :  French Fries dipped in a chocolate shake.   

I have since heard a few others say that they have tried this one.


So OK, out with it!

What is your closet food pairing/combination?

I think this will be fun, so don’t be shy.  Who knows?  You may have a few friends out there who do the same thing…

You never know!