Fall arrives on the suburban farmlet

I went out looking for fall color and I finally found it.

Autumn has arrived in North Alabama!


PS:  After Thursday night’s terrible wind storm I expected to get up Friday morning and find Fall on the ground!  How delightful that Mother Nature saved a bit of it for us after all!

A Saturday Snippet

I haven’t talked about it.  I wasn’t sure what to say, but the Little dog is very sick.  All we know for sure is that his kidneys are not doing their job.

Lots of tests, lots of pampering, LOTS of extra trips outside to “GO.”

When I know what is going on, then you will too.  In the meantime, Buddy keeps us entertained…


Are you jealous of the Little dog, Buddy?

I think so!

Hm, perhaps we’ll need to get him one of these in his size?  😉


Sunday Shorts ~ Absent Minded

I found this prompt, a 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, on Julia’s Place   and sadly didn’t notice the date.    The idea is to only write 100 words on the picture prompt, and it is deviously harder than you think. 

Having spent more time on this than I should I nevertheless decided to post it!



last piece

On opening her Christmas package Louisa instantly knew its contents.   Breaking the cellophane wrapper, she carefully slid out the chocolate covered nougat, and holding it to her nose, she inhaled along the length of it like some cigar snob.  She smiled.

Not wanting to eat the whole thing at once she picked up her sharpest knife to begin meticulously measuring and slicing the bar into bite sized increments.  Grabbing the plate,  she sat down to watch television.   At the first commercial she was shocked to look down and see only one bite left.   Shrugging her shoulders she ate it too.