A surprising added benefit to fallow pastureland

Our unmowed north paddock

On  the past two visits to the Mountain Farmlet I discovered another good reason to let a pasture lay fallow.




I never got to see them but oh how thrilling it was for me to hear them!   If I could have seen them they would look like this…

I observed that some of them call out “Bob-White”,  while others preferred to call “Bob-Bob-White”.  I never knew there were two forms of their calling.   Did you?

In my research I found out that the Bobwhite’s habitat is systematically disappearing.  Less habitat can mean only one thing… fewer Bobwhites.  Over time as we work our new property I must make sure to have at least one pasture out of use from spring through fall.

Now that I have found them, I want them to stay!

And so I leave you with a lovely audio-visual of the Male Bobwhite calling.  ENJOY!


The Robins Have Landed

Every year we await the return of the Robins and Jays at the end of winter.  Much like those in California await the return of the Swallows to Capistrano, though, perhaps, with a little less significance.  This year was a surprise as it would seem that they all came to our holly tree before heading out to all points in the area!

Please click for captions and a closer view

They left nothing behind when they flew off.


Have the locals started showing up in your area?


Photo Friday: a sneaky visitor

This morning while out feeding and watering the geese I leaned into the shrub that grows there to get to the hose bib.

I  found a visitor.


Can you see him?

I had heard him calling in the night, but never knew what he looked like.

Today he honored me with a close-up. 


Though I think he was a bit shy.

He sounds like this…

Now multiply this by at least a hundred!  😀


PS:  I have much to tell, and have worked out the promised  ‘tentative’ schedule:

Wednesdays and Fridays are for posting.  

Saturday is for visiting and replies to comments.   

Any other days will be counted as icing!


Have a blessed weekend!


This morning on the Farmlet

I always see Bob off to work in the mornings.

With slippered feed, and bleary eyes I walk him out the door, have a good hug,  and then sit on the bench to wave as he drives down the road.  (I’ll be seen wearing a thick robe, no matter the weather, to ward off those dang mosquitoes too!)

This morning had a little surprise in store.  In the half-light, I saw a small thing stuck to the wall by the front door.  Peering closer revealed this!

All this rain has brought us more than annoying mosquitoes.  It has brought us beautiful little green frogs to eat them!

It was a good beginning to the day!

How is yours going?


NOTESApparently, my little frogs are Squirrel Tree Frogs, and they will only grow to be just under two inches long.  For more information on the Squirrel Tree Frog look HERE!