ICING: on healing

NOTE:  When I mentioned my new posting schedule I said Wed and Fri,  and that anything other than those days would be icing.  Today’s post is icing.  😉


I have been working out on my Pilates reformer to try to gain strength and mobility.  It is working!


I have been riding my bicycle several times a week and this morning managed 4.5 miles using the full range of gearing!  Only 8 speeds, but I felt like a champ when I got home.  (Tom, this will certainly be a baby step to you!)  😉


(Mine is Blue with several city commuter mods)

Then I got off and tried to walk on our little street to cool off.  I made it to the neighbors mailbox (150 ft + or – ) and had to turn back.

I am finding it strange to be able to perform Pilates, with a reformer assist, and to be able to ride with no noticeable pain during the ride, and yet I am still unable to walk or stand for too long.   Or at least, in the case of standing, for as long as I would like.   And although sitting is much improved…  is that really a plus?


Then I think:  Several weeks ago I was in the lightest gear and only able to make my legs move up and down with the pedals for a simple circuit of my street, and any walking was with a cane.  Today I was able to use all 8 speeds and no longer require a cane.

I went inside, showered, iced down my knee and now feel fine.

I persevere.



Friday Fictioneers: the curious incident of the bicycle in the woods

Friday Fictioneers 7/19/2013

Writing a short piece in only 100 words is always challenging, and although no one minds that you go over or under by a word or two, I find that I do.

So thank you Rochelle for pushing us each week to crank up our creativity and get something written.  I enjoy the challenge, and even though I can’t always get a story to come out of the prompts, I nevertheless enjoy everyone else’s contributions!

This weeks challenge photo is from Anelephantcant

anelephantcantCopyright –Anelephantcant

Maren leaned her bicycle against the tree in front of the police station.   Earlier, she’d found a rusted, two-wheeler almost completely swallowed by a large tree.  Her imagination in overdrive, she’d wondered how the child’s bike got so far into the woods, how many years had it been there, and what had happened to the poor child?  Imagining foul play she went inside to make a report.

Thirty years previous…

Eric propped the bike against the tree, wondering,  “How long will it take for the tree to swallow it?

Then, as children often do, he forgot about his experiment.

Story:  exactly 100 words

Additional inspiration sparked from this photograph.  😉

A day of rest is good for the soul

Last weekend we went in the heat of the day to explore a new place for riding.  We walked about a mile and melted.  Heading back to the car we planned to come back today, but early so that we could avoid the heat, and ride the trail.

The day started out at 78, overcast, and a bit steamy, but beautiful compared to what we have suffered lately.  We rode 11 miles and I remembered to bring my camera!  I tease Bob a lot because he over plans things, but in this instance I’m very glad of his zealousness where being prepared is concerned, because he got everything ready last night!  Including my camera!

The trail we took is paved and is called the Aldridge Creek Greenway.  It runs roughly about 7 miles round trip when you include the ride through Ditto Landing and then along the Tennessee River.  If you take some of the side roads it increases the distance a bit more.  We followed it all the way along the creek, under the bridge and into the Ditto boating facility where there is a lovely little campground.

So come on along and enjoy the scenery!

Canadian Geese, resting on an island of limestone in the creek, cast lovely reflections on the water.

Bob comes back to see “What’s keepin [me].”

Just over this crest is the Tennessee River.   It was a much more pleasant experience when it was cool let me tell ya!

Following in Bob’s dust I chanced to meet this fellow.  His name was Paul and he said he came from St. Louis in the 70’s, before the space program fizzled, and has been here ever since.  His interesting mode of transport is a Trikke.   (find out more by clicking on the word)

At the end of the trail we had reached the steep bank of the Tennessee River and found…

Kayak and Scull rowers…

A very large Heron… though I couldn’t tell you the type.  UPDATE: This may be a Great Blue Heron.  <— Click for more info.

Looking at Hobbs island to your left and the mountains in the distance, I somehow found this view satisfying  even though it is overcast.

On the way back I liked this view of the old train trestle…

Though Bob the ex-model RR buff preferred this one.

Like the artist Monet I am fond of reflections.  The creek was very calm and thus encouraged my photo efforts to capture these fine reflections.  Again, the overcast day did not seem to diminish the subject.

In this photo I have played a trick… can you guess what I have done?

And finally, a shot taken by Bob…

And although I look very hot I felt great and had a wonderful time!

Seven Miles

Getting back into riding seemed daunting to think about.  I rode everywhere in the city, but once I moved here I quit.  The country road is just two lanes, and in the morning the commuters are late, and  just like in the city… they drive too fast.  Hence my fear of narrow riding spaces and being found dead in a ditch bank, have weighed heavily on my mind.   But I have resolved to ride again, and so begins my journey back to health and fitness.

I started back last week actually, and I have surprised myself by surpassing my expectations for distance.  Each ride’s distance starting with 4 miles, then 5, and today’s 7 mile ride serve to boost my confidence.

Today I took pictures.

Of grazing cattle.

A cotton field softened by the humid haze in the air.

A cotton blossom drenched in dawn’s dew kiss.

A newly plowed field that want’s planting with perhaps another chance at corn for this year… we’ll see.

A small working farm… well OK, it excites this X-City girl to see such things.  I can’t help it!


And then its the end of the road.  I did not expect or plan to reach this goal so fast, and yet, here I am.

Looking across the highway…

… at tomorrow’s ride.

Where will it lead?


I turn around and head home.  Pedaling down the road I feel summer’s hot breath against my skin.  Perspiration beads on my face and rolls down my spine.   I pedal harder to reach the top of the hill and wonder if I can break  20 mph on the downside.

Push, push, push up the hill… I crest…

Now pushing faster the wind blasts down into my helmet cooling my head, and leaning forward I gain the speed to hit 24 mph!

I love to ride.