Seven Miles

Getting back into riding seemed daunting to think about.  I rode everywhere in the city, but once I moved here I quit.  The country road is just two lanes, and in the morning the commuters are late, and  just like in the city… they drive too fast.  Hence my fear of narrow riding spaces and being found dead in a ditch bank, have weighed heavily on my mind.   But I have resolved to ride again, and so begins my journey back to health and fitness.

I started back last week actually, and I have surprised myself by surpassing my expectations for distance.  Each ride’s distance starting with 4 miles, then 5, and today’s 7 mile ride serve to boost my confidence.

Today I took pictures.

Of grazing cattle.

A cotton field softened by the humid haze in the air.

A cotton blossom drenched in dawn’s dew kiss.

A newly plowed field that want’s planting with perhaps another chance at corn for this year… we’ll see.

A small working farm… well OK, it excites this X-City girl to see such things.  I can’t help it!


And then its the end of the road.  I did not expect or plan to reach this goal so fast, and yet, here I am.

Looking across the highway…

… at tomorrow’s ride.

Where will it lead?


I turn around and head home.  Pedaling down the road I feel summer’s hot breath against my skin.  Perspiration beads on my face and rolls down my spine.   I pedal harder to reach the top of the hill and wonder if I can break  20 mph on the downside.

Push, push, push up the hill… I crest…

Now pushing faster the wind blasts down into my helmet cooling my head, and leaning forward I gain the speed to hit 24 mph!

I love to ride.

So how about that? Go on; say something!

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