Kitchen Sink Tomato Sandwich: gluten free style

Cover of "White Trash Cooking (Jargon)"

Cover of White Trash Cooking (Jargon)

It’s time for The Ritual of the First Tomato of the Season.   However, let me say right up front that this is not mine!  Oh no!  I comes from a little gem of a cookbook called White Trash Cooking by Ernest M. Mickler  (the recipe is to be found on page 74).

If you haven’t read White Trash Cooking, well then I know you haven’t discovered the delights of deep south white trash cookin’!

The recipe is simple enough, but I will tell you the authors version is more authentic and infinitely more entertaining!

Kitchen Sink Tomato Sandwich:  (my version)


~ 1 very ripe, fresh picked, still warm from the vine tomato sliced THICK (book says refrigerated, but I like mine warm)

~ 2 Slices of Udi’s whole grain Gluten Free Bread (or your favorite)

~ Enough Mayonnaise to slather onto both pieces of your bread

~ Salt and pepper to taste


Put the mayo onto your bread, add the tomato, salt and pepper, put the other slice on and press it down real good.  Grab it with both hands and eat it over the sink.

Why over the sink you ask?  Well, you don’t want to be wearing all that juice on your clothes do you?  I’m sure that the book references something about “…rolling up your sleeves and letting the juice run down your elbows into the sink.”

This is so simple.   If you haven’t had one, well, then I’m certain you will not believe how really good it tastes!


NOTE:  Other versions online use Wonder bread and Miracle Whip, but I leave those details to your personal taste.  😉  Oh, and do follow the link for Miracle Whip… I had no idea about its history.  An interesting read!

***  This is NOT a paid endorsement, though I wish it were, I just happen to love this cook book! *** 

A very happy loaf of bread

I don’t usually post twice in one day, but this just never happens, not in my kitchen anyway…

I baked a loaf of Gluten Free bread today from a mix by Bob’s Red Mill called “Homemade Wonderful Bread.”  But, as per usual I doctored it up.

To the mix I added the following:

1/2 tsp. salt

3 tbs. pure honey

6 guinea hen eggs ~~~ (BTW, 2 GHE = 1 XLHE of course, you can use three hen’s eggs, but you won’t get the beautiful golden “egg bread” color)

1/2 cup Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free quick cooking oats

1/2 to 1 cup golden raisins (use to your taste)

Note:  I subbed in organic soy milk per amount asked for in recipe

I followed the directions on the bag for preparation, but proofed my yeast in the warmed milk and honey.

The bread rose, and rose, AND ROSE!  Here’s what happened!

It was supposed rise for a whole hour, but looked really fine in about 4o minutes.  So I took it out of the oven and then heated to 375 degrees.  I placed the loaf back into the heated oven, closed the door and came back to take a quick peek about one half hour later.

SHOCK!  When baking bread you expect it to rise some more with baking, but this was doubling in size once again! The loaf finished baking in only 47 minutes so I removed it from the oven.

So here you see my VERY HAPPY LOAF of

GF Oatmeal Golden Raisin Bread

So how happy is homemade GF Oatmeal Golden Raisin Bread?  Well I cut off a slice and found that it was…

THIS happy!

Have a great weekend everyone!