There’s no place like home…

After running off to Cheekwood week before last I took a look around and realized I had some wonderful things happening “… right in my own back yard…”  Perhaps Dorothy was right?

What I found…

Iris in three stages of bloom


Pink Dogwood in Bloom

I first visited our property in April and all the dogwoods were in bloom! We have twelve, but only this one is pink the rest being white.  It was their beauty and the seclusion of our little street that sold me.


I know it’s dark.  It  was taken at dawn.


Over the weekend I was working at the potting bench and kept smelling a wonderful perfume… I sniffed everything in sight and couldn’t figure out what it could be.  Then I took a different path to the front yard and passed by this!

There is no finer fragrance than that of Lilac in bloom.


The summer’s strawberries are only blossoms now, but I can already taste them,  picked fresh of a morning and kissed by the Fairies with dew.


And finally…

Three Chicklets in a Fringe Tree

So OK, technically this is not in bloom yet, but it wouldn’t be a visit to the Farmlet with out the ubiquitous chicken picture now would it?  But you have to imagine my surprise when I returned from picture-taking to find these three roosting in the little Fringe Tree in the back yard.  We have three of them, two in back, and one out at the end of the drive.  I love them!  They have a subtle sweet scent, but it is their fuzzy “Grandpaw’s Whiskers” (another name they are known by) that makes me love them so!  Want see one in full bloom?

Then follow this link to Clemson University’s Extension <— (Click here) for a view and a bit of information on these lovely native specimens!

Thank you for visiting, and see you again soon!