Photo Friday: once upon a time in the west

I have always had a thing for clouds up in the sky.  I used to love to lay in the grass and watch them morph and change, all the while imagining, bird, elephant, ice cream cone, ships.

When I taught young children in California ( ages 6 to 8 ) I tried to sneak in a bit of time for imagination, things to get their creative writing flowing…

They had never been taught about the secrets hidden in clouds, so I made it my job to teach them… even when the principal disapproved of the practice…  Then we had to do it on the sly or at recess times.  After a time, we went in to capture them on white paper.

“Teacher, this paper is white and so are the clouds!  How can we make them on white paper?”

I got out the blue chalk, “Watch.” I said.  And using the blue chalk I proceeded to outline a cloud on the white field.  Then I lay the chalk on its side and carefully filled in the sky all around my cloud, during which I heard such things as…


“Oh cool!”



“Draw the shapes you saw in the clouds today.” I said.

And when they were done I handed them lined paper.

“Now write about what you saw!”  I encouraged.  (At these times, I never heard a complaint from even one about having to write.)

I was such a rebel.

Today I want to share with you a time in your youth when you lay on your back with friends and imagined… the clouds are still there, beckoning to you.  When was the last time you stopped a moment and just looked into the clouds?







Tell me, what do you see?


(All photos are clickable to allow a better view!)


Photo Friday

Just a couple of photos for you to view.  Went out to put the chickens away one night this week and was wowed by the clouds that had scudded in while I hadn’t been looking.


Pictures are clickable for a closer look.

Starlings headed home to roost.


The Moon rested in a hammock of oak branches.


The sun set.

My work was done for the day.