WordPress Woes: let’s put it another way

Yesterday’s reblog gave some constructive criticism of the WordPress failings of late.  If you understood the ire of the original blogger’s post, Grahminhats at Freed From Time, and want to continue working with the previous more robust formats then follow his link below.

“For Help with the changes please click here . “

For those who still don’t understand what we are upset about, well here is a paying blogger’s commentary in simple language which details the aspects of all the changes we are not happy with.  It bears reading.

Fish of Gold


My biggest complaint:   I have not been able to get the new Beep Beep Boop editor to work for me since it was first introduced.  I can’t scroll to see any Tags or Categories past the letter G.  The editing box can’t be resized, and they gave us back Zemanta in the old editor, but I can’t find it in the new one.  It is said they are going to scrap the old editor.  Seriously?

The whole set up is counter intuitive for the blogger who writes more than 100 words with pictures.  (That’s pictures plural)

I came to WordPress because it was so robust, it made blogging fun and easy to accomplish.  I am nearing the end of my free blogging limit and will have to start paying for this privilege in the not so distant future.  However, if it isn’t a helpful service then why would I pay?  Paying customer or Beta Test Rat customer WordPress used to listen when we complained about a really bad move.  Now they seem to have a deaf ear.

I may be beating a dead horse.

Off my soapbox.