This morning I woke up to COLD air, and frozen steps.  It rained last night and then the temperature dropped.  The leftover leaves from fall made their own heat and did not freeze.  In making my rounds I found that gate latches stuck and hinges cracked on opening.  Strange to see, that the metal fence rails and the arching rose canes all had what appeared to be raindrops hanging on them.  A quick touch revealed that they were frozen in place!  Perfect little droplets suspended like strings of diamonds.

Thankfully, the water buckets had only a light layer of ice over the top, and I was relieved to find that in the chicken run there was no ice at all!  I recently ordered a new, galvanized, two gallon, water font to replace the old and leaking five gallon one.  It is sitting on its warmer and the water is staying drinkable.  This is good timing as the weatherman said we will be down into the 20s for the next three mornings.

Next stop was the Goose Chalet,  where I found that the rain had frozen the metal latch shut and it took a bit of effort to gain entry.  While I worked, the girls and Frellnick fussed impatiently to get out.

Just looked out my window to see that the sun has made an appearance!  I hope it stays out today as I am tired of the cloud cover and gloom of late.

What is the weather like where you are today?