I made this. ‘-)

To understand the following, you would have to know that Tucker stole my Gutermann quilting thread and I couldn’t find it.  I eventually found it and posted this:


The Managing Director sent me a message on Facebook that I didn’t see until months later wherein he had offered to replace the thread.  I explained that the thread color in question was not a usual color for my work and thanked him anyway.  He then said to name my thread and I told him I could use some polyester sewing thread in color 102 (gray) which I use a lot of in my machine piecing.  I received the thread shortly thereafter.  😉

I feel it was a very generous, and much appreciated gift!

The following is my response to him.


Letter to Managing Director at Gutermann Thread

February 5, 2013

Dear Mr. *******,

I would like to properly thank you for sending me the two spools of gray sewing thread to replace the quilter’s thread my dog Tucker chewed up.   To show my thanks I have made you a little gift.  It is a bit primitive, as I am still learning,



Lynda Swink & Tucker too


Tucker, my little (B)Rat Terrier

Oh yes, and Tucker wanted you to know that he has promised to never chew up such fine thread again!


My enclosure…


One six and one half-inch Mini Quilt depicting a spool of chewed thread.   😉    The work is machine pieced, needle turned applique, with hand quilting.  I almost sent this without taking a picture of it!  (That would have made me sad.)

I had fun!


PS:  I still owe you a post, but I am trying to figure out how best to write it and if it even wants writing.  😛

30 thoughts on “I made this. ‘-)

    • Lynda says:

      He is! But he is also very naughty. He likes to chew plastic, chocolate, wood and antique paper items, which are not recommended daily nutritional supplements for little dogs. (spools of thread, expensive chap sticks, pencils, clothes pins, chocolate candy still in the wrapper, and he also drinks Bob’s coffee from the cup.) Nothing is sacred!

      All are taken to his lair under the bed and consumed. What we can’t figure out is how he gets all this stuff. This past weekend I think he gave us a clue! We walked into the TV room and found him balanced between the recliner and the bookshelf straining for my NEW replacement chapstick!!!


    • Lynda says:

      When he was a pup, I had trained him to get up into our counter chairs by hopping up on a footstool then up to the seat of the chair.

      When our nephew was visiting one afternoon, he left the room while eating a steak, when he returned to the kitchen Tucker was on the counter eating his steak!

      Now that he is an older dog, we really didn’t imagine he could do these tricks anymore, because he can barely hop up into the bed at night! Trickster!

  1. dogear6 says:

    How very sweet that they offered to replace your thread! I bet they enjoy the nice thank you that you’re sending back.

    And whatever the other post is – SPIT IT OUT WOMAN. Inquiring minds want to know. Write it and put it out there. It might very well be a good post. And if not, so what? The next post is another opportunity to shine.


  2. victoriaaphotography says:

    What a lovely gesture on the part of the MD.
    (and what a naughty gesture on the part of Tucker – can’t imagine a dog drinking coffee out of a cup. But more importantly, does Bob finish the rest of the coffee after Tucker has slobbered all over the cup? Big Grin).

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hi Lynda, love your quilted square, mini quilt and what a nice thing for the man from Guttermann (and you in return: ) to do!
    (I debated with myself before sending this part) but about the little fellow who instigated this whole scenario (and you probably already know this in your heart of hearts, but I know you’re a softie so it’s a hard thing to do; ) BUT here goes… Dogs are pack animals and they NEED a leader to tell them what to do. If no one else (you, the humans in his life) step up to the plate to be Pack Leader(s), he will be compelled to do the job. In order for him to feel happy and secure about his place in your “pack”, he truly NEEDS you and your husband to take control and show him his place…
    Yes, he can come up on the couch – when and if you ask him.
    NO he can not drink Bob’s coffee or eat someone else’s food – these are definitely a dominance issue and need correction.
    He is a dog and “our ways” don’t work for him – he just doesn’t (and can’t) understand. (Sorry if I’ve hurt anyone’s feelings here, as that was surely not my intent):
    Hugs, Deb

    • Lynda says:

      We watch the Dog Whisperer too. And I agree with what you said. However, you have to actually catch him in the act for the correction to work, and he NEVER does this stuff when we are watching!

      Well, there was that time when Bob found him in the TV room calmly consuming his thumb drive from work… You did not want to be there. He had actually pulled the drive out of his duffel bag! The side pocket was barely big enough to fit his snout into.

      I really thought he was going to do a Homer Simpson on him that day! 😉

  4. littlesundog says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Oh, Lynda! I know it’s not funny what Tucker does, but it sure makes for some entertaining storytelling! We’ve had lots of hilarious tales here too with our dogs, foster dogs, orphaned wild things and injured wild things. There is no perfection with animals or humans. As frustrating as it can be to deal with them sometimes, they are a blessing for sure.

    I love your mini-quilt piece! What a fabulous gift of thanks!

    • Lynda says:

      Lori, I do love my little ‘(B)Rat Terror!’ He’s such a little boy, and so loving. So long as you aren’t a kid that is… but that is a story for another day. 😉

      As for the mini-quilt, I had a blast making it! All these little projects also help build my skills, and I am finding that I really love needle turned applique!

  5. shoreacres says:

    I love that little mini-quilt, and the story behind it. Tucker? Well, Tucker and I would have to come to an understanding – but luckily for Tucker, I’m a softie myself, so it wouldn’t be too terribly hard on him. 😉

    I did train Dixie Rose just a bit. She certainly knows the word “No!”, which is pretty funny. And despite her kittenish friskiness, she’s settled down a good bit. It’s strange – she never has jumped up on tables, counters, etc. And she refuses to eat human food. I just count my blessings and brush her whenever she asks.

    • Lynda says:

      Linda, my kitties don’t like human food either, well, with the exception of Lil’ Bit who will eat butter if it is left on an open dish, and will gnaw on meat left out to thaw! She is such a bratkins! 😉

  6. hungergameslover101 says:

    My brother is allergic to cats, which stinks, because I really want a cat. I tried to sell him on eBay once to get a cat. LOL 😛 😉 😀

    • Lynda says:

      You and I seem to have a more than a little in common…
      There were no computers, internet, or Ebay when I was your age, had there been, then I might have tried that too! 😉

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