An Irrational Childhood Fear

After another long hiatus I return with a flash fiction offering for  Friday Fictioneers!  Thanks, as always, goes out to Rochelle at Addicted to purple!




An Irrational Childhood Fear

Returning as an adult for the reading of grandmother’s will, Madeline recalled when Grandmother had ordered the heavy bronze chandeliers. She hated them at once, and had always imagined that they would lower themselves down, clamp onto her head, and suck her brains out. She’d always given them a wide berth.
Musing about her silly childish fear of the lights, Madeline now found them quite lovely. It was then that Charley, her six-foot-five cousin, twice removed, walked under the chandelier.
She watched in horror as his hair grazed the central rosebud.    The chandelier dropped, clamping tightly onto his skull.


Word count:  100

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Friday Fictioneers: an honorable position

I haven’t written for Friday Fictioneers in some time.  I have just been flat out with everything.  That said, today’s image was one that instantly told me a story, and when that happens I have no choice but to share it. Special thanks to Rochelle at Addicted to Purple for her continued service in procuring these images and to Jennifer Pendergast at Elmo Writes for the image! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

PHOTO PROMPT – © Jennifer Pendergast

Laurel hated her work.  “It is a good job”, her mother told her, “an honorable position in the service of the people.”

Standing alone in the middle of the sick air and breathing through her respirator she mused about the stories her grandmother had told her when she was a child. Tales of blue skies, intense sunlight, and beyond the desert’s great span, she’d claimed, were vistas that shimmered in the heat. She often wondered if Grandma made these stories up.

Today wasn’t so bad; she could see past the road. Turning from the view she cranked up the air scrubbers.


NOTE: Some of you kindly made some suggestions for improving my story this week.    I took them and ran with them!



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Friday Fictioneers: dinner with the folks

It’s been too long since I wrote for Friday Fictioneers.  My brain cells feel rusty and my fingers out of shape.   However here is my entry for Friday the 16th, 2015.


Dinner With the Folks

dining-roomPHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields


They’d dated for a year and he knew she was the one. On Saturday he’d planned to have her over to meet his folks. He’d chosen a ring to give her when they were alone that night.

With red-rimmed eyes he stood at the window absently fingering the little box in his pocket. He considered just wrapping the table’s contents into the tablecloth to take out to the trash.

Her message that morning: “Darling, I’m bringing a surprise for your parents, see you soon!” (Shots in the background)

No time to duck the bullets; she silently slumped to the ground.


WORDS:  100

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Friday Fictioneers: a family tradition


It’s time once again for Friday Fictioneers which is brought to you each week by Rochelle at Addicted to Purple.
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~My entry for September 12, 2014 ~


ffCopyright – Janet Webb

A Family Tradition


The mirror had been in the family for decades. The family claimed that if a couple looked into the mirror on the night before their wedding they would see their last day together. No one had ever been disappointed.

Claire didn’t believe in such things, but not wanting to upset her new family’s tradition, she took Ray’s hand and they walked to the mirror together.  Neither said a word. They left and the wedding was cancelled.

What they saw:

Claire saw Ray walk up behind her and lop off her head with a machete.

Ray saw himself killing a Zombie.


Words: 100


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