Friday Fictioneers: the choice


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going a few words over the count.)


Make every word count.


Special thanks to Rochelle for her work in organizing this week’s prompt, and to Rich Voza for the use of his photograph.

Three doorsCopyright – Rich Voza


The Choice

Lorna looked at the three doors and panicked.

Then reasoned, white is heaven, red is hell, but where will the other door take me?   I always thought God made the judgment and the final decision!  She returned her thoughts to the middle door and remembered the passage about those who were neither hot nor cold in their faith.  Perhaps that door was theirs?

After a while, she walked over to one of the doors, opened it, and stepped through…

OH!  She cried out.

Why the conundrum?   He said.  All the doors lead here, but none would’ve opened without your faith.

WORDS:  100

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NOTE:  As I wrote my post for Friday Fictioneers my story came easily.  It was quite honestly the first place my thoughts went to, when I saw the three doors in the prompt this morning.   So please be advised that it is not my intention to preach, but it is the way I think. 

Friday Fictioneers: heavenward

Once again I bring you exactly 100 words for the Friday Fictioneers weekly prompt.  I really pushed myself to find something to say about this cloud picture, which is odd for me since I love clouds so much.

Thank you Rochelle!

maui-from-mauna-keaCopyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

When she  awoke she  was surprised to find that she had wings.  Pure white, strong, yet smooth to run your hands over.  She looked around the house one last time.  She wanted to remember everything she had loved about the place.

They’d had a great life together.  Looking at his tired, careworn face she leaned in for one last kiss, and whispered, “I’ll always love you.”

As she rose higher, she forgot the cares of her earthbound life, and gazing out over the clouds she tried to remember something important.

“It doesn’t matter.” she said, and smiling she soared upward.

Words:  100