Friday Fictioneers: the janitor’s job

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As always, a special thank you goes out to Rochelle at Addicted to Purple for procuring our weekly photo prompt!  This weeks photo is courtesy of Adam Ickes!

A busy janitor never has time to use his office.

 Copyright – Adam Ickes


 The Janitor’s Job

Genre:  *Narrative


Mr. Johnson, our school janitor, knew all the children by name. If you were sad, he knew just what to say to make it better. If someone got hurt on the grounds, he’d bring the wheelchair, carefully put you in, and wheel you to the nurse’s office.  And, if it was broken he could usually fix it.  The children loved him.

One day a student of mine vomited in class. Those nearest to her jumped out-of-the-way squealing.

The janitor was called…

Susie:   “Mr. Johnson, do you like your job?

Mr. Johnson:   “Yes. . .  most of the time.”


WORDS:  100

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*Why a Narrative?  Because sometimes the truth is as much fun as fiction!  😉