A Golden Goose?



A Silver Swan*


Huntsville Museum of Art

It took visiting friends to get me into the museum in downtown Huntsville!  While there I also enjoyed the WWII quilt exhibit currently on loan.

The creator of the quilt used the Four Corners patch design to signify the troops from the four corners of the world who came together to fight against Hitler and other fascist leaders of the time.

Each of the songs embroidered into the quilt blocks was chosen for a specific soldier known to the ladies who made this quilt.  (Image cropped due to upload issues, sorry, but if you click on the photo it will enlarge to show the whole!  I have no explanation for this anomaly.)


*Note:  The curator explained to us that to polish the swan piece it must be ‘petted’ with gloves on, as the polishing compounds would embed themselves into the markings of the lifelike feathers.