An offer they [might] refuse

We are on pins and needles again.  We have now made our offer on the new Farmlet!  We hope they accept it, but they could counter-offer or even refuse.

So, now we wait!


A view from the upper paddock

“…The waiting is the hardest part
Every day you see one more card
You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part…”

~Tom Petty~

I know Tom was on another wavelength when he wrote these words, but they seem apropos to the way we are feeling right now.  😉


In the dark with Georgie and Frellnick

Tonight, as every night after the sun goes down, I went out to put away the chickens and geese.   As it often happens, there is no photo-op to capture the moments that happen at “Duck-butt Thirty” of an evening, and so I am left to tell you what happened tonight in the dark…

As stated, each night after sunset I grab a flashlight and head out to put everyone to bed.  I start on the north end of the property and work my way south.  First I put away the girls using my torch to light the way into their goose chalet.  Lately this has been a battle because for some reason Georgie and Frellnick run opposition and chase the girls away from the entrance and into the paddock.  So usually I have to chase them out first, and then guide the girls to bed.

Tonight I had little resistance from them so went about getting the girls in and then walked away to pick up a few things that had blown about in today’s high winds.  When I turned around the boys took off and began dashing at, and biting, the side of the well house!  I had seen this behavior before but never really caught on to what they were doing.  That is until tonight…

They are trying to chase away the big, black geese that are invading their territory!  I turned the light away from the walls and then back again to see if I was right in my theory.  Well, sure enough!  They stretched their necks, and ran at the walls hissing and trying to bite those big black geese again!

So now I am wondering…

Are they seeing their shadows and mistaking them for interlopers?   Perhaps  this is the reason they have been “chasing” the girls at bedtime?   I will have to pay closer attention tomorrow at Duck-butt Thirty and report back in my next post.