Friday Fictioneers: *het ptse

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Het Ptse

Shivering she got up and looked around.  She was ravenous, and she wasn’t alone.

The man there with her seemed as bewildered as she felt.  Looking about,  she could see no others, yet sensed that they were being watched.  To what purpose?



Startled, the man quickly turned.  “When did you get here?”

“I was about to ask you the same.”  she chuckled.

“I can’t remember.”

 “Mm.  Same here.”  She was salivating.

“You hungry too?  Shall we fi …”

“STARVING!  she roared, and ate him.


Looking into the habitat, Echerthwat mumbles, “Ti wlaays ercesp em tuo ehnw hse soed ttha.”


*Anagram challenged?  Email me here (farmlet(at)att(dot)net)  😉

NOTICE:  I’ve never done anagrams before, but needed a way to mimic an unknown language without offending any other language speaker.  😉  I also needed it to be fairly easy for my readers to translate and gain the meaning from that last sentence. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my story set up, I think the name of the last character “GartfAAnale” was throwing everyone off, so I changed it.  😯

WORDS:  100

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