Friday Fictioneers: A California Snow Day

My entry for Friday Fictioneers,  July 24, 2015.


Thank you Rochelle for your time and efforts each week to keep our creativity sparked!  And a special thanks to Dee Lovering for the featured photo offering.


PHOTO PROMPT © Dee Lovering

A California Snow Day

It had snowed a good one on Mt. Baldy, so their parents took them up to play in it for the day. She hated it. Her digits were numb and the sun had produced a crust on the snow that made it unsuitable for snowball fights. With squeals of delight her younger brothers cavorted throwing ice chunks at each other. She wanted to go home.

Later, in sullen disinterest Loraine watched as little Aaron climbed a giant wedge shaped boulder, did a victory dance at the top, then slipped. Straddling the wedge his mouth formed a silent, “O”

She winced.


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