The day the Hobbits moved in.

If you recall we had some terrible tornadoes all throughout Alabama on the 27th of April this year.  There was a full day of running for cover and not really having any place appropriate to run to.

So, whether or not we could really afford it, we ordered a storm shelter right away!  Thing is, so did everyone else in Alabama, and parts of Tennessee and Mississippi too!

We got put on a waiting list.

However, yesterday we finally got a call from the manufacturer and we were told our wait was over!  So today they installed our shelter.

It was prefabbed concrete, rebar and wire mesh made by Fain Storm Shelters in Tennessee.

The backhoe began digging a huge pit.

A big hole.

The vault was spun around to the proper orientation and lowered into the pit.

They checked for level, then filled and covered the vault.

For the moment it looks like a big ugly mess, but I was told it will settle in and smooth out in the next rain…

It will make a nice root cellar in the off seasons too!  😉

So, OK… I am not going to live in it, but it may save my life if I get in it when the next tornado hits!   And you know me…  I’ll be planting, shovelling and making it into a nice Hobbit hole in no time at all!

I can see it all now…

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