Photo Friday: grass fire

On our Sabbath outing I must have taken 70 to 80 photos that I was certain were going to turn out wonderful.

An unusual dragonfly that looks like a bi-plane

Too monochromatic and dark.


While watching flirting dragonflies flit I tried to catch them but they were all over and unphotogenic, one landed…

on the end of this stick… he’s there I promise, but my camera liked the rocks in the background better, and thus, he disappeared into the shot.


I tried again, with the water as a backdrop.

So OK, I got him this time…

Hey!  You still awake?


There were photos of trees, the lake and the dam too, all boring.

On the way home we were suddenly transported back in time and flying down the highway at about 65 MPH.  I set the camera to the mode called “Children” which allows photographing “active children.”  (I don’t make this up my camera really says that in the viewing window!)

I was surprised at the result…

Fun, but not a great photo.

The sun was low in the sky when we finally turned onto the road that leads to home and I saw this…

I think it is pretty, but not so clear and finely detailed as I like.  I took several more shots, but none were so wonderful as this next one…


This is the one I loved.


“Well I think that… if I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard…” 

Quote:  Dorothy, edited,  from The Wizard of OZ



Is it my Imagination?

Curiously, I have begun to notice that my photographs are a bit fuzzy on the main page, but that if I click on them for a closer view they suddenly get sharp and clear.   Not bragging (oh please) but the detail in the grass deserves a closer look.  It was such a lovely find!