Photo Friday: my love/hate relationship with morning glory

I have always loved morning glories.

Monet used them to great advantage when he grew them amongst his sunflowers, it produced both contrast and a cooling effect to their warm hues. 

(Please do click the photo to visit casy/artandcolor’s site where you will find this original photograph and many more do delight your eye!)


Georgia O’Keefe loved them enough to memorialize them in her painting called simply

Blue Morning Glories

There is even a thermal pool in Yellowstone National Park called…

(Please click the picture to visit the source:  Wordless Tech)

Morning Glory Pool

So named for its beautiful blue depth and resemblance to it its namesake.

But for all her beauty and grace, the Morning Glory is a common hussy!  She grows everywhere here, rambling in field and lawn, scrambling up cornstalks and fences, and all but swallowing my roses!


and for all my searching, pulling, and destroying, she persists.

Yet, she beguiles me.

When on a humid, sunless, dare I say cheerless day in August I go out in the early morning only to find…

that she has sent out her snake-like tendrils to take over the fence surrounding the silkies hutch.

And reaching out to clutch her, intending to rip her from the fence, I grab a handful of leaves and realize…

I am holding her heart in my hand.

I grab again to pull…

and there amongst the perfect heart-shaped leaves I find her dew kissed face.  I’m drawn to her  intense blue, her clear white throat, and I think,

(Click on her face and have a closer look at her beauty)


“She is perfection.” 

Thus, I find myself for a third season, unable to remove Morning Glory from the Farmlet.   So she stays, having once again stolen my heart.

And in that moment

I consider the idea

of actually planting her in her own spot next year…

Perhaps amidst the sunflowers!