A quiet morning

The weather, having made up its mind to change, brings cooler temperatures to our little Farmlet.  I having made my rounds to check chickens, turn out geese, and feed the Keets, return to the house to start chores there.  Slowly, it comes to me, the realization that the air conditioner has not come on.

It is time!

Quickly I go from room to room throwing open windows.  I want to let the cool breeze that so refreshed me on my errands outside… inside!

In this quiet time of the morning I make the bed and as I do I am serenaded by crickets in the deep grass outside my window.  I hear the birds call out as they greet the morning and punctuate the cricket’s cacophony.

It has been months of dryness, heat, and dust which forced me to shut out the sounds that I love so dear… but this morning, this cool refreshing morning, I let them back in.