Winter Weather: a swinging solstice

The last day of fall went out quickly, having been swept away by an eager winter storm.  Yes, Winter blew in early with four inches of rain, and by noon  she had begun a swift and frigid blowing.  She howled around the eaves, worked her way into the house through invisible cracks and then came in through the windowsill sounding for all the world like a flute!


That will need fixing!

The lights began to flicker, and hearing all this horrible blowing pick up in speed, I decided to stop what I was doing and go have a look.  Opening the back door I felt Winter’s frigid breath blow right past me.   Too cold!


Standing in the doorway with my sweater pulled tightly round my neck,  I listened as dry leaves hissed and tree branches rattled like dry bones.    Eerie, I thought, and shivering I closed the door tight.


This morning it is 32 degrees and while the wind isn’t quite as bad as yesterday it is unrelenting.  It is also making the air outside feel like it’s in the 20s!   Winter and I don’t get along.

The cold, the short and cloudy days all get to me.


Yes,  it is officially winter, but I have decided to greet it differently this year, to be more upbeat!  I think this might help.

Photo Friday: the world according to my little dog

Here on the Farmlet there are a few words and phrases that are never said out loud unless we really mean it.

In order of importance to the Little Dog they are:

  1. Ball”  (ALWAYS spelled when we are talking to each other.)
  2. Kong” (Same as above)
  3. Who want’s breakfast/dinner?”  (abbreviated, when we are wondering if the other has already fed them their “B” or “D”)
  4. Is daddy home yet?”
  5. Clean-up on isle nine!”  (This one is handy whenever you have spilled something on the kitchen floor, or when it is time to go to bed and they are frolicking and barking with total abandon in the dark …  and yes, we do reward for an appropriate response at bedtime!)

This morning However . . .

Not even the number one word could get a rise out of the Little Dog!



When the north wind blows,

and a chill is in the air,

sometimes all that is needed

is a soft bed…

and a warm nose.


Stay warm, and enjoy your weekend my friends!


Good Boy!

We went to bed last night knowing there was a fresh dusting of snow on the ground.  And so it was that when I woke up this morning to the little dog’s whining and sniffing at my face to go out, that I found my self annoyed and not wanting to get up.  Laying there all wrapped in my cocoon of flannel sheets and extra blankets I simply did not want to face the icy chill I knew was waiting for me.

But, the little dog was not taking no for an answer this morning.  I grudgingly forced myself out of my comfort zone, and instead of letting the poor little dog out I thought,  I’ll just let him out of the room and he’ll go find Bob.  Bob will let him out! So I opened the bedroom door, and hearing those little tappy toes prancing down the long hall looking for Bob and the express pass to the outside for relief…

I closed the door and crawled back into my cocoon.  Aaaah…

Just on the verge of sleep again I hear the little dog!  BARKING!  I snuggle down deeper into the warmth of my covers.


What the…!!!

I hop up to find the little dog sitting at the mud room door and barking at it.  Apparently Bob was indisposed and little dog really wanted out!  I feel bad now.  Quickly I put on his little red jacket with the imitation fleece lining and send him out the door.

I’m up now.

Donning my robe and slippers I find my way to the kitchen, pour coffee, and then return to the mudroom to let the little Pupcicle in.  Taking off his coat and wiping the snow off of his pads I tell him,

“Good Boy Tucker!”

Later this morning…

There is some irony here don’t you think?