Ta-Daaa…! (things that make me happy)

It took me a long time and not a little frustration to finally get this job done!  I have been working on the guest bathroom for months, in between other projects that is.

You will have to imagine the before picture because I can’t seem to find it.  So, imagine if you will… powder blue walls, hospital white cabinets and bead board, and all of it chipped.  The ceiling had been taped when the fan was installed, but the tape was lifting too.

But the most frustrating part, yet satisfying when it was finally done this morning was this!

(“Pay no attention to the [wo]man behind the curtain!”  The Great Oz, in The Wizard of Oz.)

I finally got the mirror installed, more or less, correctly!

Old Mr. Gains, the man who built this house in the early 1950s, was a cabinet-maker.  He built this Olympic-sized medicine cabinet into the wall and it is 42″ wide, by 37″ high, and 9 inches deep.  It’s huge and there was no way we were going to be able to replace it with anything new.  That said, I really kinda liked it and saw that it had possibilities.  So I made the one side into a shadow box!  I have far to many trinkets and this gives me a dust-free place to display some of the more interesting ones.

Steps taken to get here:

  1. Fill, sand, and paint every surface (porcelain objects excepted) Bob helped me with the ceiling by painting in the Kilz and then cutting in the two coats of ceiling paint.  (He also gave me lots of ‘atta-girl,” and a few pep talks when the going got tough.  I love him for his support when I can’t do it myself.)  🙂
  2. Have three different plumbers out to fix leaking toilet base five times, yes FiVe!   Seems the flange was broken and someone had screwed it down to the floor.  Oh, and while the last one was here, he removed the Yeti sized hair ball that was clogging the sink drain (it was hiding way down deep in the line).
  3. Clean out four layers of old contact paper from the over-sized medicine cabinet.  Two of which were painted, and one of which someone had spilled Tigress perfume!  Trust me, it does not get any better with age…
  4. Send out doors of over-sized medicine cabinet for professional stripping, and prepping for painting.
  5. Paint said doors and install glass into one side.  Install mirror on the other side, now REPEAT.  (I broke the mirror, trying to install it, the day before my friends came to visit from California.)  😐
  6. Get frustrated and bent all out of shape securing said second mirror into frame, finally give up, and use contact cement to just glue the lath onto the back for fear of having to repeat the frustration AGAIN.  (thankyouverymuch)

So now that it is all done we need to replace all of the porcelain, but do not have a budget for that.  So, maybe by the time we can finally afford it, we can pay someone else to do it?

A job well done, makes me smile even on a gloomy day.  I will smile all winter I think.


Photo Friday: grass fire

On our Sabbath outing I must have taken 70 to 80 photos that I was certain were going to turn out wonderful.

An unusual dragonfly that looks like a bi-plane

Too monochromatic and dark.


While watching flirting dragonflies flit I tried to catch them but they were all over and unphotogenic, one landed…

on the end of this stick… he’s there I promise, but my camera liked the rocks in the background better, and thus, he disappeared into the shot.


I tried again, with the water as a backdrop.

So OK, I got him this time…

Hey!  You still awake?


There were photos of trees, the lake and the dam too, all boring.

On the way home we were suddenly transported back in time and flying down the highway at about 65 MPH.  I set the camera to the mode called “Children” which allows photographing “active children.”  (I don’t make this up my camera really says that in the viewing window!)

I was surprised at the result…

Fun, but not a great photo.

The sun was low in the sky when we finally turned onto the road that leads to home and I saw this…

I think it is pretty, but not so clear and finely detailed as I like.  I took several more shots, but none were so wonderful as this next one…


This is the one I loved.


“Well I think that… if I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard…” 

Quote:  Dorothy, edited,  from The Wizard of OZ



Is it my Imagination?

Curiously, I have begun to notice that my photographs are a bit fuzzy on the main page, but that if I click on them for a closer view they suddenly get sharp and clear.   Not bragging (oh please) but the detail in the grass deserves a closer look.  It was such a lovely find!