Next time you garden take a camera!

Sometimes when you look at a flower to photograph you are trying to get the whole thing into focus, get the color right, and lighting just so.  Then you go inside and view it on the computer and realize that an Iris, is only an Iris, and the beauty of it lies within its center.  You realize then that the beard spilling out is the picture.

But before all this there was the beautiful flower you found when you moved in two years ago.  You can’t remember the name of it but you knew what it was by its foliage… and now after all this time it has matured enough to bloom.  You have no idea how or when the seed chanced to land there by the side of the house, but you knew enough to leave it, waiting for just this day.   The day when it was all abloom against the wall with sun and shadow playing against it.  Like this…

You planted the little Ballerina when you first moved in because you loved her so in your garden in California.  You ordered her in a small sleeve to be delivered by mail.  When she came you placed her into the ground watered, fed, and protected her from the snow.  You waited for her to bloom and this year she rewarded you with the bowers of bouquets you knew she had within her.

But the surprise was the last photo you took.  Your seeds were planted and watered in and not wanting to deal with the heat and humidity any longer, you had cleaned up and put away your tools.  On the way back in you glanced down from the porch and chanced to spy this… and taking a parting shot you were stunned when you downloaded it to your computer.

In summary, your camera may very well be the best gardening tool you own.  It captures moments, vingettes if you will, of the beauty you had a hand in creating.  Long after these blooms have faded you will still have a record of what once was in the garden, and will be back again next year!

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