This morning: I found a photo of the night sky in Tanzania.  It was stunning to see a photograph that showed so many stars in that night sky, and to realize that where we live it is impossible to get that same view.  Intellectually, we know that the stars are there, and that there are infinitely  “Billions and Billions” of them as Carl Sagan would say it, but we simply cannot see them from here.  Our atmosphere, particulates in the air, and light pollution are responsible for obscuring our view.  It is unfortunate.

Later in the day:  I saw a post from a friend and realized that we were experiencing similar feelings of late.  It was uncanny how very similar to mine they were actually.

I found these words within me and sent them to convey my similar feelings…

My heart bleeds out in words
I’ve penned in apparent anonymity.
Whilst those around me fail to see…
How much I have to give.

I then promptly had myself a good cry.  I suppose I needed it as I haven’t cried for a very long while.  So by now I had conveyed my feelings of friendship, had a good cry, and went on with my day.

Now here’s the thing, that photograph kept coming back to me, I couldn’t shake its vision from my memory.  It was then I made the connection that those stars were like our distant friendships.  We have seemingly vast distances between us, which keep us from seeing each other when we want, but like those billions of stars our friendships are not void for being unable to see the persons they’re attached to.  Do the stars the photograph clearly shows us cease to exist simply because we do not see them or reach out and touch them?  Certainly not.

And so it is with our friendships.  We move away, no longer see each other and at times, like these stars, we are silent with one another… but still here whether you see us or not.

Photo Credit:  http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-of-the-day

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