A visitor on the Farmlet!

It isn’t often that we get visitors here on the Farmlet, and when we do it is a very big event!  Recently, I enjoyed the company of Lori, of  Day by Day the Farm Girl Way!    We have been following each others blogs for some time, which led to corresponding via emails, and now most recently a week-long visit!

I found Lori to be a down to earth, true blue friend.   Why, she was willing to jump in and help with anything and everything here on the Farmlet from washing dishes to pulling weeds!!!  I tried to stop her, really, but she would not be dissuaded!

While she was here we continued our shopping for Farmlets.  She has a very cool head when it comes to the purchase of a property.  Her outside observations, and expertise in hobby farming were very enlightening and much appreciated!    You see, I often get myopic about a place and its potential.  So much so, that I fail to really see beyond its fence lines, or structural flaws.   (By the way,  this little flaw of mine can drive Bob nuts!  😉 )

We all agreed that this one was really nice,

thr ultimate farmlet

but too expensive.  😦

This one she did not see, but it is a good example of my myopia. 


Check out the neighbors living just over the fence…


The day I took Bob by to see this place he didn’t even slow down!  There was a big flatbed truck parked halfway into the lane with another rickety shed on the back, and up by the fence between the properties were about ten scary looking types drinking and playin’ cards on a giant, wood, cable reel…  It was about 9:30 in the morning as I recall.   They own 5 acres of this junk!



PLEASE NOTE:   Most of the following photographs in this post were taken by Lori unless otherwise stated.  (Thank you Lori!)  I am afraid I was far too busy conversing talking her ears off to really notice and take pictures of anything.  Sad to say, but true!


We also took in some of the sights in Huntsville. 

Moore- Rhett Mansion 1826

We walked for hours looking at antebellum mansions which were survivors of the Civil War,

On the Alley

and other homes built later, but equally as grand.

Harrison Brother's Hardware

Stepped back in time at Harrison Brothers Hardware,

Monte Sano Park

enjoyed the view one late afternoon at Monte Sano Park,


  and visited the pre-Civil War, Maple Hill Cemetery. (A must see if you ever find yourself in Huntsville.)


However, the best part of visiting, for me at least, was sitting in the kitchen.   Here, talking over coffee or a meal, we shared our histories, our lives, and our dreams for our futures.


Do you ever read someone’s blog and wonder if that is really what they are like in person?  Well, Lori is exactly as she portrays herself on her blog pages.  Energetic, engaging, and honest, she says what is on her mind and in her heart, and I find that refreshing.

Lori and Co

Please click the photo to be taken to Lori’s post, and the source of her photograph.

I look forward to our continued friendship and perhaps a few more visits along the way!


Acceptance of an award

Way back in April, the 10th to be exact, my blogging friend Cindy of On and Over the Hills surprised me by nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award.  I was very surprised and flattered, but unwilling to accept… too shy I guess.

Then there is the nominating of 15 other bloggers who deserve this award… good grief!  Do I even know fifteen other bloggers?

Oh, and of course there are the rules.  Five of them . . .

OK then!

These are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who honored you and give a link to their blog.
  2. Tell 7 random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass the award to 15 new-found bloggers.
  4. Contact each blogger onto whom you pass the award and let them know.
  5. Let the giver of the award know you accept it or not.

Seven Random Facts

  1. I was born in Wichita Falls, Texas.  My mother, unwilling to give birth to me alone in California, hopped on a bus, and went to be with my Dad who was stationed there.  Imagine it, nine months pregnant and riding a bus all that way!  In the 1950s!  Now imagine this:  She got there, had me, and then my Dad was shipped out two weeks later to March AFB!  Oh the irony.
  2. I am the oldest of four siblings.  At this writing my sister, the youngest, and I are the only two left.
  3. Did I mention I love gardening?
  4. How about geese?
  5. My home is furnished in vintage eclectic fashion.  I have some very old and lovely things… some days I want to push it all out to the curb and replace it with all new.   I dream of smooth surfaces, no clutter, and all bright and shiny.  Yeah sure, why don’t I just cut off my right arm while I’m at it.
  6. I love to write, but I am such a perfectionist that often much of what I type stays right here on my computer.  Blogging with all of you is helping me to get over my hesitance with chaining words into cogent thought.  (So how long does it take me to go from writing to posting?  Well, this acceptance was started in September… but I think other issues must be included in this example of tardiness. 😉 )
  7. I love to sew!  I learned how from my mother who used to take apart last year’s clothing cast-offs, from my aunt,  and remake them into lovely outfits for me to wear.  My first attempt at sewing was a dirndl skirt for my Chatty Kathy doll.  I was seven and sewed it by hand (too young to use the sewing machine).  The hem was a bit dippy, but I was so proud of it!  This summer I have begun to teach myself how to quilt and I must say it is going well, and I am loving it almost as much as writing.

Now here is where I am supposed to award and nominate fifteen other bloggers!!!  Hello… I don’t know fifteen other bloggers.  Nevertheless, I chose these lovely people whose interests are close to my heart:

  1. Creekwood Farm ~ Juliet is a new Alabama friend who shares my love of country living.  She has children, goats, chickens, a real farm, and she shares them all in lovely photos.  She is so blessed!  *(I just found out recently that Juliet has given up her farm animals and pulled her web page.  She loved her livestock, but leads a very busy life, and so I certainly understand her hard decision!)
  2. Scratch and Peck ~  Lauren is the gifted proprietor of this website.  Her chicken’s stories are spun out of love for them through her talented illustrations and wonderful humor!  She writes children’s books about their antics too!
  3. Luci!  ~  Luci has been my friend for a very long time.  She is so talented and I am envious of what she can accomplish with pastels, paper and scissors!  She blogs, but IMHO not nearly so much as she could, or I would like.  But then, when you illustrate all your blog entries, plus live a very busy life, well, then you get what she can offer  when she has the time.
  4. Tales from the Coop Keeper ~ Jayme is the kind of friend I wish I had living next door to me.  She’s fun to be with, domestically talented, hilarious, loves her chickens and her gardens, makes instructional videos on various topics, and often she is inspirational.  It is uncanny how her inspiration will come when needed most.  How does she know?   Through her videos you will learn how to make anything from  laundry soap to bread, how to harvest your bees honey, and more!  Mostly, she makes me laugh.  Why?  Because I recognize myself in much that she says and does.
  5. jmgoyder ~  Julie is an Australian bird lover who cares for all sorts of feathered friends from chickens to emus!  She also has a talent for writing, as in, she’ll have you laughing one moment and in tears the next!  She is new to blogging, but I think she has flair!

So that’s my list.  I’m sorry that it falls far short of the requested 15, but really 15 is a very tall order, don’t you think?

Cindy, Thank you so much for thinking of me and the nomination.  It makes me smile to know that you enjoy reading my adventures with your morning tea.


PS:  Would someone kindly tell me how to put this award into my sidebar?  Thanks!  🙂

Oh! Sorry…

I have been so busy fixing, painting, sewing, repairing and more to be ready for October and the excitement of friends coming to visit the Farmlet, that I am afraid that I haven’t posted anything for over a week!  Sorry!

However, today I had to give it a rest.    Seems I have OD’d myself on paint fumes.    Gonna have to back off and concentrate on other tasks while my lungs get better.


Well, it’s not like there aren’t other things to work on.  It’s just that the painting makes it L@@K  like  you did something…

And yes, that post is getting written and will go up soon.

I promise!


This morning: I found a photo of the night sky in Tanzania.  It was stunning to see a photograph that showed so many stars in that night sky, and to realize that where we live it is impossible to get that same view.  Intellectually, we know that the stars are there, and that there are infinitely  “Billions and Billions” of them as Carl Sagan would say it, but we simply cannot see them from here.  Our atmosphere, particulates in the air, and light pollution are responsible for obscuring our view.  It is unfortunate.

Later in the day:  I saw a post from a friend and realized that we were experiencing similar feelings of late.  It was uncanny how very similar to mine they were actually.

I found these words within me and sent them to convey my similar feelings…

My heart bleeds out in words
I’ve penned in apparent anonymity.
Whilst those around me fail to see…
How much I have to give.

I then promptly had myself a good cry.  I suppose I needed it as I haven’t cried for a very long while.  So by now I had conveyed my feelings of friendship, had a good cry, and went on with my day.

Now here’s the thing, that photograph kept coming back to me, I couldn’t shake its vision from my memory.  It was then I made the connection that those stars were like our distant friendships.  We have seemingly vast distances between us, which keep us from seeing each other when we want, but like those billions of stars our friendships are not void for being unable to see the persons they’re attached to.  Do the stars the photograph clearly shows us cease to exist simply because we do not see them or reach out and touch them?  Certainly not.

And so it is with our friendships.  We move away, no longer see each other and at times, like these stars, we are silent with one another… but still here whether you see us or not.

Photo Credit:  http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-of-the-day