Wednesday on the Farmlet

Today was a great day!

Bob has been on vacation this week.  So today he  cleared another area for me to plant while the geese supervised…  When Claus showed up, they got after him because they thought he was a distraction.  After all, he was taking Bob’s attention off of them and his work.  I’d  have to say that Claus was pretty brave as he held his ground at Bob’s feet!

While they worked the soil, I  did something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.  I built  a scare crow!  I started with an old blouse, well OK not so old, but definitely not worn anymore (teacher wear).  I then added a pair of Disney overalls and a wretched looking straw hat I had  procured from the thrift store (spent a whole $5.25). But the finishing touch was the boots that Bob is wearing in the photo above.  He had to retire them at the end of the day because the toe in the left shoe had a blowout.  Guess he got his money’s worth out of those Redwings… they were over 20 years old!

But,  once again the geese stole the show when they tried  kissing  their reflections in the Truck’s bumper!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday on the Farmlet

    • pixilated2 says:

      It was hard not to take those overalls for myself… but I did go to the thrift store with the express purpose of buying scarecrow couture… so I couldn’t very well keep them now could I ?

      Poor Claus. Those geese have him totally buffaloed. He tried to stand his ground in the beginning, but now he just takes off… those crazy birds pinch! (Except of course when Bob has his back! LOL) In the end I think it is poetic justice. He eats far too many of my lovely birds to suit me. I would much prefer that he stick to moles, mice and voles!

  1. Julie says:

    I came upon your blog through facebook. I really like it and your pictures are beautiful!
    I also love the overalls! Winnie the Pooh is one of my favorites!
    Great blog!

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