Working in Macro: Trying to master a new skill.

After seeing the work of Rick Lieder on Andrew Tyzack’s site:  Bees in Art, I have been fascinated with perfecting my technical skill with my camera and also in capturing the subject to best effect.  The following photos are some taken around the Farmlet yesterday. The first three are a Carpenter Bee on Lavender, the fourth is pumpkin blossoms.

1)  Shot looks a bit fuzzy to me.

2) Seems a bit more focused, but…

3) Is same shot as 2 with some brightness reduction, increased contrast, which seemed to allow a closer sharper view.  To much?

4) These are pumpkin blossoms after the rain.  It is about 7:00 AM with overcast conditions and flash.

I hope you will leave some comments and suggestions (technical if you can) to help me with my quest towards the perfect shot of my subjects.


Shot 1

Shot 2

Shot 3:  Its number 2with sharpness and contrast work.

Shot 4:  Pumpkin Blossoms

2 thoughts on “Working in Macro: Trying to master a new skill.

  1. Joycee says:

    I so want to learn macro setting on our camera. The problem is I need to read the book! haha Your pictures are beautiful, the squash blossom is amazing~

    • pixilated2 says:

      Thank you Joy! I like the bee shots, but really was surprised at how those blossoms glowed in the morning overcast. I think the Squash Blossoms are my favorite too!

      Hey, read that manual! It really does help. Also, if your camera has an online site, then they will have WONDERFUL tips and tricks for you too! Olympus is always giving me good advice online and it is more in depth than the manual could ever hold.

      WARNING: Once you start you will get hooked! “:

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