Oh Baby its Hot Outside

Its been so hot that the bees are spending much of their time hanging around on the outside of the hive.  Especially at night.  Even though the temperature drops down into the 70’s they will still be found bearding on the front of the hive.  The sound of thousands of little wings fanning away the heat is mesmerizing and will go on for hours after the sun sets.

1:30 PM:  They were very busy flying to and fro, in and out of the hive all day today.  Their mission in life, in spite of the heat, is to find nectar and keep the hive going and growing.

10:30 PM:   It is amazing to see everyone sitting on the front stoop and fanning to draw off the heat.  I switch off the light.   I love standing there in the dark to listen to the hum of all those little wings.

And tomorrow they will go out and do it all over again.

One thought on “Oh Baby its Hot Outside

  1. Pam Nunn says:

    As someone not accustomed to “beeing” around bees, the sound of all that humming would, I think, strike me as somewhat otherworldly. Like standing under those giant power line towers that constantly hum with electricity. Freaks me out!

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