Mid July on the Farmlet

Standing at the  dining room window I look out to see that all of my chickens (and the geese too) have decided to take advantage of the neighbors property.  It’s OK, the neighbors don’t mind.  In fact, they even encouraged us when we replaced the fence to put in a gate for the critters access and enjoyment.  And enjoy it they do!  Just try to keep them out!

I grab my camera and venture outside into the heat of the moist 93 degree weather.

By the time I get to the back fence the chickens have moved to the far side of the acre to forage under the oaks.  I could watch them all day if I didn’t have other things to do, but I give myself a break and watch for a while.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~*~

While I’m out I decide that the Keets and the Baby Roos are ready for the big turning out party.  With trepidation I open the gate of their little nursery and let them go… and OH-BOY, can those keets FLY!  They’re only the size of doves at the moment and one has landed on the roof of the house!  Now what?  Well, apparently it scared her too, so she came back down and started foraging the morning glories with the rest of the gang!

Maybe they’ll find all the little ‘invisibles’ that have been chewing the leaves to Swiss cheese.

I hear the geese honking behind me and turn to see that they have become bored with the field scene and are heading to the gate to come back into the poultry yard.  They are honking at me the whole way…

MOM, hot-hot-hot, MOM!  They seem to say.

I yell back,  “OK, I can take a hint! ”  And grabbing  the hose I fill their pool for them.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~*~

OK, here’s just a bit more from yesterday…

I cleaned out the corn field because it was done.  It was a little disappointing again this year, yet better than last because what little there was,  was delicious!  That’s when I discovered all the Butternuts that were hiding underneath!  A whole twenty pounds of them!  Now what will you do with that much butternut and more on the way.  I ask you?  No really, I want your suggestions please!

I also watered the cukes and potatoes and that’s when I found these!

And there’s plenty more for this winter too!

I love my life here.  “:<>

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