The Very Naughty Dog: or the re-education of Tucker

Tucker was peacefully taking a nap when he suddenly jumped up and began to bark at the window.  I, in another room,  looked out the nearest window and see nothing as usual.

So I call out, “Quiet Tucker!”

Tucker’s response?  “BARK, Bark, bark….”

So I repeated my request and he slowed down but didn’t stop.  I called out, “Tucker come!”  and still no response.  So I called out my ultimate threat guaranteed to make little dogs quake in shame and come running, “TUCKER, DON’T MAKE ME COME GET YOU, GET IN HERE NOW!”

Tucker’s response?  “BARK, Bark, bark….”

Now I’m irritated.  I stop what I’m doing, walk down the hall into the living room and without even giving him a chance to catch on, I scoop him up in a sky-hook maneuver  and move him to the bedroom with me… I set him down and command.  “DON’T MOVE – STAY!”

So there he sat. Right where I put him, which was half on and half off the doggie bed… and he wasn’t moving, or barking, or twitching a whisker… Gasping with the effort not to break out laughing and confuse the issue I told him to “STAaaay” and walked to the other side of the house to retrieve my camera.

And here he is.  My very naughty dog who is practicing his very sad doggie look on me and trying to make me feel guilty.

OK, it worked.

I tell him, “OK, you’re a good boy!”     And now all is forgiven.

So how about that? Go on; say something!

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