Let the thawing begin

Today the sun came out and melted quite a bit of the snow.  This made everyone happy.  Especially me!  Even the chickens were no longer afraid to walk in it.

The bees came out for recon and some house keeping duties.  Considering the temperatures we’ve been experiencing I thought their losses were minimal.

The geese, now able to come back to their own stomping grounds, found buried treasure beneath the snow.

I was surprised to see that left over collard greens,  abandoned the day it began snowing, looked perfectly delectable.  The geese sure didn’t pass them up!

Though not entirely melted the snow was thinning quickly.  We needed to lay down straw to keep the mud from sticking to everyone’s feet and thereby keep it out of the house.

It felt good to be outside working!

What did you do this weekend?

So how about that? Go on; say something!

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