Look out my window

I have never lived anywhere that you didn’t have to drive to touch snow.  Oh sure, you could see it on the mountains, but you couldn’t experience it.  Thankfully, It is a rare event here in North Alabama, and usually consists of a light dusting rather than the 7 to 8 inches we got early in the week.  As well, it doesn’t usually involve sustained below freezing temperatures that keep it around for a week, nor hard freeze conditions such as we had last night.  It was 6 degrees when I got up this morning.  Bone numbing cold that makes your kitties who always want out cry at the window to get in, and your doggies hold it because they don’t want to spend a half hour licking the ice clods out of their paws when they come back in.  COLD. (Seriously, I had to literally push them out the door to make them go!)

So this week I ventured out only when necessary and the rest came to me through the window glass…

When it warmed up enough on Tuesday for Bob to venture out and go to work he had to shovel the snow off the driveway first.  He said, “Now there’s something I can check off my ‘Bucket List.”

Eastern Blue Jays, who came to clear the acorns out of my rain gutters, called my attention to the need of a pressure washer for the coming spring!

Cardinals came to call,

as did Blue Birds who fluffed up their feathers against this morning’s  6 degree cold!

While the view from my window was lovely, I never-the-less did not want to venture out into the cold if I didn’t have to…  So when I did go out  I made sure to take along my camera.

I found infant icicles that made lace of the snow as it slid off the edge of the barn.

These would later grow into fully formed daggers that hung down a foot or more.

I thought they were beautiful.

Ok, this was not in my yard.  But I wish it were so I could fix its roof and keep it a worthy residence for all the birds who come to call!

8 thoughts on “Look out my window

    • pixilated2 says:

      Yes it is! There seems to be a twenty year pattern to these storms, well at least here anyway. Glad I wasn’t here in the 60s when it snowed 17 inches!!!

    • pixilated2 says:

      Hello Debby, welcome to the Farmlet! Yes, snow shovels come in handy for cleaning up more than snow… they come in handy for the hen house floor too. Thanks for stopping by and for your compliments! 🙂

  1. pam says:

    Seriously?! Shoveling snow is on Bob’s bucket list?! Somethin’s wrong wit’ dat boy! SIX degrees?? Give my love to Alabama, cuz I’m stayin’ in California.

    Your hibernal avian portraits are beautiful. I have always loved the hot flash of a cardinal on a dreary winter background.

    And the icicles!! Don’t stand underneath them.

    I love that last photo, too.

    • pixilated2 says:

      Pam, I haven’t seen you around these parts lately. Glad you stopped in! Bob’s quote was said in pure sarcasm! LOL! Gotta let you know that this 6 degree stuff is an anomaly. The pattern seems to be about every 20 years. So you’re safe to come visiting for a good spell now! 😀

      Photo’s out the windows here were not too hard to do because my screens push up and out of the way. How convenient, ay?

      On icicles… I once read a murder mystery in which the murder weapon could not be found. Why? Because the murder weapon was an icicle and the evidence had melted of course!!! Yeah, I pretty much enjoy them from afar. My neighbors on the other hand have some hangin’ of the back of their house that make mine look like toothpicks… Jeesh, you would think that they would at least knock down the ones over the door! Scary.

    • pixilated2 says:

      Hey Lindy, I responded yesterday but made a wrong keystroke and everything just vaporized! Not happy I waited and am reposting today…

      Knowing snow is unavoidable in MI, I think it will not be on my list of places I’d like to live, however, I would LOVE to visit a friend there someday! 😉 It’s all in what you’re used to I guess… It was pleasant at first, but a bit overwhelming to have it around for a whole week.

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