Oh look… MORE snow

It was deep!  Seven and a half inches of pure powder!

We even had icicles on the back of the Silkies hutch!

Oh, and the snow-covered thing in the foreground is my new potting bench that Bob and I built at the end of summer.  It even has a dry sink on the right side.  I am looking forward to better weather in spring so I can put it to good use!

OK, I should be all excited about a snow day and Bob being home and all, but the fact is, it’s nice to look at but you don’t want to be in it for working.  Which is precisely where I found myself at 6:45 this morning!   Well, at least I wasn’t the only one who was less than impressed with it all…

Claus’s solution to getting though the snow?  Jump!

Bertha confers with Little Red Hen, “What do you think?  Shall we dive in?”

Little Red Hen,  “Oh sure thing Bertha, you go first!”

Meanwhile, I shoveled a small path from the gate to the barn for the geese.  Did they use it?  NO.  They waddled through the chest deep snow anyway!

Well OK, it did make it easier for me to get through and was a bit less cold on my toes.

While I worked, a little squirrel made a bee line for the maple tree and disappeared into the top!  Can’t say as I blamed him!

Maybe I shouldn’t complain, after all, it could always be worse!

Photo link: http://www.strangedangers.com/content/item/15279.html

14 thoughts on “Oh look… MORE snow

  1. Rich Fletcher says:

    I wear a good pair of wicking socks ( usually my cycling ones ) then good old wool, and a good hearty pair of boots… my feet and my hands were the hardest for me to get used to . Feet are good now, hands still get too cold some days 😦
    If you dont have big boots, try and get a 3rd sock in there and wear hiking boots or wellies 🙂

    • pixilated2 says:

      If I were a kid again I am sure I would have been thrilled to play in the snow! Your girls are getting TWO snow days off, which is even more fun! (But kids being kids, I still think I wouldn’t have liked to do chores in it! LOL!)

  2. Lindy says:

    LOL!!! I’m thinking about what I will need to buy to survive northern MI winters. 😀 Lynda, your pics are great – love the conversation between your hens.

    Re: frozen fingers and toes: due to the fact that many years ago in northern MI I suffered frost bite on my hands after a long X-country ski outing in wet snow. I have one finger that cannot tolerate (excruciating pain) becoming cold and so my husband invested in a pair of battery-powered (rechargeable) heated gloves for me. It is often below freezing here in the desert in the early mornings when my girls and I go for our long walk and I wear these gloves. I do find when it is really cold and/or windy I need to wear a pair of lightweight fleece mittens over the gloves to hold the heat in. They are NOT inexpensive but they are saving that finger.


    As for toes – triple socks and a good pair of insulated boots. These I still have from living up there in the past.

    • pixilated2 says:

      Well, I have learned early on that as long as my head and neck are covered I can survive the coldest of days (even the TEENS)! But if there is snow on the ground then my toes are my “Achilles Heal” if you will…

      BTW, that last picture was apparently taken in Michigan!!! Guess you don’t go out in that unless it is life and death, huh?

  3. Dare says:

    Hot Feet. I think they have them at Walmart. At least they do around here…
    Every morning before I go to the barn I put my barn clothes and boots on the heater vents to warm up. The other day I thought it seemed pretty cold. After I got home from the barn and there was enough light to see the thermometer, I saw: 8 degrees! Still, that is twenty degrees warmer than a few mornings we had the first winter we lived here. It was ten below, and the snow was swirling and blowing around on the mud room floor! Brrr! Enjoy that snow. It’s rare and precious in HG.

    • pixilated2 says:

      Thanks Dare! As soon as the black ice melts I will go and see if I can find some at Walmart.

      Funny how you can be so cold and then suddenly it seems like a heat wave when the temp goes up a bit. I remember crying about how cold it was in California when the temperature dipped down to an overnight low of 30 degrees for a week. And we always complained how cold we were when it was in the 50s. I could enjoy the warmth of 50 degrees right about now! Shirt sleeve weather for sure! LOL!

    • pixilated2 says:

      Hi Rachel! No, ours is still here. It has a bit of a crust to it now and is still about 5 inches deep. Of course with a high of about 25 degrees all day it had no hope of melting. Though it is kinda losing its charm now… Actually, when it snowed about 2 or 3 weeks back it was only about 4 inches of snow and very wet. That was GORGEOUS!

  4. luci says:

    Lynda, your pictures are beautiful … the snow looked so pretty, and the animal pictures certainly told fascinating story. I like the part about the geese insisting on waddling the harder path … either they’re very silly or they fervently believed that hardship builds character.

  5. pixilated2 says:

    Luci, hate to say it, but it is simply that they are very silly. Remember, they are the ones that like to kiss their own reflections!!! 😀

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