Who’s that rattlin’ at my door?

I’m sitting here alone and I hear a rattling of the front door knob…  it sounds like someone is trying to get in!!!  My heart is pounding as I tiptoe down the hall.  When I peak around the corner to see who might be there the dogs enter the living room, and taking a stance they stare at the door.  Watching the door handle moving we are all transfixed.  Bob just left for work and it’s just us at this early and dark hour of the morning!  Who’s there?

Suddenly the would be intruder jumps into view!

And there at my picture window is Little Bit.  She wants to be let in.  The dogs begin to whine and wag their tails as I, recovering from my near heart attack, go to the door and oblige her.

What a cat!

You see, I put a little belled ornament on the inside of the door handle at Christmas time because I thought it would be cheerful when visitors came calling.  I have since left it there, because she “rings” it to let us know she wants out.  I never taught her that, it was a spontaneous thing.  It happened once and we let her out and now she does it every time!  In fact, if you hear the bells and ignore her she will ring them again and come sit to watch you till you do let her out.

Maybe I should put a bell on the outside too… I think it would be a little less frightening than hearing the doorknob rattle.  Don’t you agree?

6 thoughts on “Who’s that rattlin’ at my door?

  1. Anke says:

    That’s too funny… We taught our border collie to ring a bell when she needed to go outside. At first we were thrilled that she actually did it, but it got old really fast. She rang that bell ALL THE TIME! Needless to say, the bell was taken away and now she just sits by the door and waits to be let out. 🙂

    • pixilated2 says:

      She really had me going! I was so scared I thought my heart would burst, and then when she jumped into view in the window all I could do was laugh!

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