Photo Friday: Where is spring?

Seems that Spring is here on the calendar, yet the weather is contrary.  Hot for a week of 80 degree temps, then falling back into the 30s and 40s with lots of rain and overcast conditions.

And yet, the flora

The tulip once planted with purpose now grows where it should not… yet all the more lovely for not having competition.

and fauna

A Robin Red Breast takes a moment to enjoy the newly blossoming Dogwood tree.  Give it another week and it will be a glorious vision!

have all come out to make a show of spring even though Mother Nature pulled some April Fools pranks today.

We had mostly cold and gloomy but by the end of the day the sun showed his face and warmed our hearts.  Which inspired Kung Foo Roo and Sugar Momma to bring out the little ones and explore the great wilds of the back yard…

Their little brood are all adopted!

And then I got a rare treat!

Polly was so inspired by the sunshine that she actually took a break and went out to stretch her legs and have a little splash bath, a very long drink (it had been almost a week!!!) a few nibbles of grass, and then she returned to the nest and her trance of motherhood.

While she was out I counted about six eggs in there!

Three weeks to go and if all goes well we will have new goslings here on the Farmlet… Keep your fingers and toes crossed though.  Baby goslings are a rare hatch…

So how about that? Go on; say something!

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