PhOtO PhRiDaY: sometimes it simply defies description

Recently on one of our Sabbath treks we stopped at a flea market and parked out back…

Like hidden object tasks?  You will have to click the photo to find:  a potted plant, tire, old spray can, three leering skeleton faces, a roll of barbed wire, a cactus, a child’s face laying in the grass (hard), two BBQ grates, and what would appear to be the skeleton of a baby… ew?


In retrospect, I think we were taking our lives into our hands by even entering this place.  That aside, we poked around a bit and decided that if we stayed we might actually pick up a flea or two!  So we left, but not before asking what it was originally.

The answer?

In the very early 1900s it was a bar.  OH… yes I thought, there was that one little 10 by 14 room deep in the center of the building.  And sure enough, it did have a counter with what I had thought was a display case behind it…  Certainly the configuration would make it a bar in its former existence!

Yup, that made sense, but the rest of the place made Sarah Winchester look positively brilliant by comparison.

NOTE:  If you have never heard of, or been to, the Winchester Mansion in San Jose, California, then please take a look by clicking on her name above.  The official website tells a bit of the intriguing tale about the Heiress’ of the Winchester Rifle fortune, and the video below will help to clarify my last comment!  😉

Here for your viewing pleasure is a silly, but interesting video tour of the Winchester Mansion.

8 thoughts on “PhOtO PhRiDaY: sometimes it simply defies description

  1. Ginger says:

    Oh my gosh, that really does look like the skeleton of a baby! What the heck? Did you notice it when you were there or afterwards when looking at the picture? Totally creepy! That place looks totally haunted, I can’t believe how brave you are!

    • pixilated2 says:

      Ginger, I was looking at the picture! Did you find all the other junk in the photo?
      BTW, I’m not brave.
      I’ve just never met a ghost…
      ~ L

  2. ceciliag says:

    I have read about this particular heiress. What a fascinating story. Though I love the little wooden house you found ! that is so sweet. can you buy it and open it again!?.. c

    • pixilated2 says:

      HAHAHA! Cecilia, No thank you! I am sure it is riddled with vermin and wasn’t kidding about the safety of the structure or about the fleas. Although, if it were just the original bar it might be worth restoring for the historical value. ~ L

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