• Lynda says:

      Yes, these are rough sawn, but the cabins logs are hand sawn. We will be uncovering them over the next few months too. Who knows, if they are in good enough condition then we may seal and then whitewash them too! I read recently, that whitewashing them was often done to make the rooms less dark inside.

  1. Na Na says:

    That’s a very strange looking burn pattern. Is it possibly salvaged wood? I would think any kind of sawn wood back in those days would have been salvaged. I’m loving all the photos. Thank you.

    • Lynda says:

      No, it is original, Anita. You know the old saying, “If these walls could speak.” Well, I think they might tell me that there was an aluminum wire fire inside that wall. For a time, aluminum wiring was thought to be a good way to go. Then they found out that because of its decreased conductivity that it was prone to overheating and catching the insides of the wall on fire. I suppose we will never know, but I surely wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t the cause.

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