Saturday Snaps: georgie plays

Georgie, is the type of goose that gives all geese a bad name.  He hisses, pulls out chicken’s feathers, pinches the dogs, and me!    It is unfortunate that he has such an ill temper, because on days like this, he does make me laugh with his playfulness.

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The gate to the chicken’s run lets chickens in and keeps Georgie out!  The item he is playing with is the scoop I use to dispense the scratch grains… Georgie loves chicken scratch.  😉

Have a lovely day!


19 thoughts on “Saturday Snaps: georgie plays

    • Lynda says:

      I agree, Annie! When I am carrying that bucket he will follow along behind me pinching at my legs and hands. Then when I try to empty it he attacks the bucket, and sticks his head inside to get at the grain! 😯

      Somehow, I think he is imagining that if he keeps at it, that the scratch grain he wants will magically issue forth! 😀

    • Lynda says:

      They are, Lizabetsy. Georgie is overly agressive, Little Dorrit reminds me of the battered housewife, Polly is sweet as pie and quite intellegent, and Frellnick… Well, Frellnick thinks he is in charge, but really Polly wears the pants in that relationship.

      Polly is my girl, and I look forward to many years with her and Frellnick on the farm. 🙂

      • lizabetsy1947 says:

        Oh, I love your description of your various geese. What fun you must have with them all. If you ever get the chance to see the PLAY (not the film) of “War-Horse” which has been on in London’s West End for years and is now also on on Broadway in New York,, you will love the goose. The animals in the play are all incredibly life-like puppets, and that goose is always trying to sneak into the house when no one is looking !

  1. duck duck goose says:

    ahahahh……. Georgie is one of THOSE geese huh…. Well, you know our rule at this farm for geese. Either you play nice or you are someone’s dinner.

    I have found that allowing them to continue their bad behavior effects the whole pet flock. I had one last year, who had been perfectly nice for 2 years, just bust out and act like the Top Jerk all of a sudden. He almost killed another male goose (Uncle Bert) and went on a terrorizing binge that ended him on a neighbor’s dinner table.

    Id never had that happen. But have had bad tempered geese & they had to leave too.

    Once the Jerk was gone, the flock all settled back down to their “One big happy family” status as Gustav watched over them. And Uncle Bert, who is crippled in the first place, recovered in the sick bay and was reintroduced to the flock. And everybody was back to normal.

    You are so kind hearted Lynda!


    • Lynda says:

      HA! Connie, Georgie is stuck in the chicken yard because of his bad behavior. He doesn’t know it, but I have been fattening him up. Sad? Perhaps some would think so. But his Jekyll and Hyde attitude has become so unpredictable that no one but Little Dorrit can tolerate him, and Bob and the dogs refuse to be in the same yard with him! His behavior was pronounced even before he fully feathered out. Then, once he was feathered out he became a terror!

      I got the geese as pets. However, there comes a time in ownership when you have to ask yourself:

      When is a pet no longer a pet?

      Sadly, Georgie has sealed his fate.

  2. shoreacres says:

    There’s a flock of geese down at a local pond. They probably belong to someone, but they roam pretty freely. There’s one of their number that can hold me at bay. Those birds can do some damage, for sure. It’s not good for the flock to have that one bad boy raising havoc. I mean – think what stress does to us! How to you think those other geese feel!?

    • Lynda says:

      I know what stress it can be, Linda, and that is why I keep them in separate yards. Remember when Frellnick got tangled in the temporary poultry fence? They have been separated ever since then. 😉 You are right, they are very powerful birds. I have been bruised by Georgie’s wings on a couple of occasions. Even though I own geese I can still feel a bit intimidated by geese I don’t know, which is probably not all bad. 😀

    • Lynda says:

      We have a tenuous relationship, LB. He is cute from the other side of the fence, but once I enter the yard all bets are off. If he goes for me I grab him by his “handle” and hold him at bay!

      HANDLE: That small bit of goose neck right behind his head. 😉

  3. Littlesundog says:

    I am surprised Georgie is still around! LOL I still remember well, the “stink-eye” he gave me the entire time I visited. LOL I have to admit, he had me wishing I had a set of eyes in the back of my head!!

    • Lynda says:

      I think he has finally finished his molting, and I have sufficiently fattened him up. I also have repaired the starter on my turkey frier (aka: poultry feather removing device) AND the weather has cooled off enough that I won’t mind hanging out on the side of the garage for hours while feather picking. It is an arduous task. I know some of my friends here won’t understand how I could name him and then eat him, but I honestly never intended for him to be dinner. He was supposed to be a pet! He just never acted like one. 😐

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